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    CA - Mariano Castro charged with impregnating 11 yr. old/over 8 yrs. of abuse

    How did this little girl keep her pregnancy and infant secret? I have strong suspicions that other family members must be complicit. I'm tremendously pleased that this young woman was finally able to reveal her terrible secret. Now, she can start on a road to healing. And kudos to her new pastor for getting her help.


    Orange County woman molested for years by relative, gave birth at age 12

    "An Orange County woman was molested for several [8-9!!] years by a relative, becoming pregnant at age 11 and giving birth at age 12..."


    "...The man, Mariano Antonio Castro, 56, Santa Ana, was charged Thursday with a variety of felony counts of continuous sexual abuse and lewd acts on a child under 14. He is being held on $1-million bail and faces more than 30 years in prison if convicted. According to a statement by the Orange County district attorney's office, the victim was abused between 2000-08 when she was 8 to 17 years old.

    "When Jane Doe was 11 years old, Castro is accused of impregnating her. Jane Doe gave birth to a baby girl at the age of 12," prosecutors said in the statement. "Jane Doe kept the baby. Despite the pregnancy, the ongoing sexual abuse of Jane Doe was never reported to law enforcement...."

    More at link

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    The man is the young woman's stepfather and her mother knew:


    Stepfather Arrested for Sexual Abuse

    "56 year year-old Mariano Antonio Castro is in custody Wednesday being accused of molesting his stepdaughter for nine years and fathering her child when she was 11. The victim, now 18, came forward based on advice from her priest saying that the sexual abuse began when she was 8...."


    "...It has been stated that police will also investigate crimes of inaction committed by the victim’s mother as she noticed the victim’s pregnancy at 11. The victim’s mother continued to be married to Castro leaving investigators to find out if the parents covered up the birth of the victim’s child...."

    more at link



    Police: Man raped, impregnated relative

    "...A 56-year-old old man is in custody Wednesday, accused of molesting a relative for nine years and fathering a child with the victim when she was 11, police said. Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said the victim, now 18, came forward on the advice of her priest. The victim said the sexual abuse began when she was 8. Bertagna said the victim gave birth at 11 as a result of the molestations. Two months after giving birth, Bertagna said the molestations began again almost on a daily basis until the victim was 17...."


    Bertagna said detectives are also investigating possible crimes of inaction committed by the victim's mother. Bertagna said the mother was angry but continued to remain married to Castro. Bertagna said detectives are also investigating whether the pair covered up the victim giving birth at 11...."

    more at link

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    So what happened to the baby? Ok found it in the first link, she kept the baby.

    I found it notable that in one of the articles a couple of months after she gave birth, the abuse began again. And it says that the child's mother was angry but remained with her husband. Which makes me wonder, who did she blame for the rape? So many times the mother blames the child or excuses it as a man who couldn't help himself.

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    Actually, the article says the "molestation" began again, after the birth of the child. IMO, they are rapes, plain and simple. How I wish reporters would call it what it truly is.

    The rapes occurred "almost daily" for almost 9 years. Do the math. My Lord, the poor child. I assume this girl gave birth at home and was kept hidden from authorities. Did she ever get to have an education, ever get to have medical care? The infant may have been raised as her "sibling" so that she could return to school. I'll be very interested to see how this plays out. But she finally found her voice. I'm so pleased as her report will save untold numbers of other children.

    Haven't I read an article concerning rape of young girls initiating early menses? I think that there's a physiological trigger when sex is forced on a child. If I'm not mistaken, it can often trigger menstruation to begin. I think we see a lot of these cases at this age as men don't think the little ones can get pregnant. They are sadly mistaken. This also means that the man didn't use protection and the child most likely was exposed to STDs. There's really no end to the degree of perversion.

    And her own step-father, with her mother standing by. She had no safe place at all.

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    I hope now that she has her voice, and her story is heard, that she can overcome this and have a wonderful life.

    And I hope the "parents" FRY

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    This "mother" knew and kept it a secret and remained married to this man. She allowed him to continue to sexually abuse and rape this girl! She should in my opinion be in jail right along with this disgusting man.

    How is it that a mother would accept this? I know if I ever found out anything was going on like this at my home, I would be more then just "mad"!!!

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