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    CA - Man Accused of Sex Charges Marries Victim


    Fitness photographer Jason James Ellis, 36,

    Ellis is accused of starting an eight month long sexual relationship with the victim when she was 14-year-old

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    Hmmm....that's odd that I would make comment about this same sort of sick situation on another of your threads, Peeples. I hate it when the reporters use the phrase, "sexual relationship", when we're talking about a child who has no ability to consent due to her age. One wonders where this girl has been in the last four years, as this predator waited for her to turn 18.

    Then there's the issue that this yucky guy lured the girl along with his fiancee. Poor girl is probably so confused. I guess nothing ever changes, does it?

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    You have to wonder if he married and then divorced his fiancee, MH (named in the article).

    And ummmm....concerning that fitness photography--run a google check on "Jason Ellis photographer". See the "Beach Bums" photo by Mr. Ellis? I guess the young women are at least holding up surfboards. Does that count as fitness?

    It does seem as Ellis is a noted magazine photographer and I surely know the beach scene but modeling like this is not for a 14-15 year old. Here's some more info on the fiancee. This states that she was arrested and has a photo from 2008:


    And this in the LA Times in 2008:


    "...According to a statement from the Orange County district attorney's office, Ellis' live-in fiancee, MH, 31, acted as a facilitator by picking up the victim, now 15, from her mother's house and taking her to meet Ellis. MH is charged with aiding and abetting. The alleged abuse occurred over 10 months, ending in June when the girl's parents hired a private investigator after becoming suspicious of their daughter's friendship with Ellis and MH, prosecutors said...."

    more at links

    ETA: Looks like charges were dropped against the fiancee and that the victim is refusing to cooperate.
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    Ellis is known as the "King of Covers", magazine covers, I assume. Here's his website:


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    Nooooooooooooooooo. This is like that family where the victim wound up marrying the abuser. They then had children and he raped their DD for years.

    What is that guy's name? They were on Sally Jesse Raphael at one point.

    Please, make it stop. What happens when she reaches the age of 25? Then what is he going to do?

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    here and there
    Newport Beach photographer Jason Ellis arraigned for rape of 15 year old girl


    Very interesting comment section - there were people who followed this case.

    Sorry, I just don't get it - this case was dragged out for three years and now charges have been dropped?

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