Testa, 28, of 5 Noble St., Revere, pleaded innocent in Chelsea District Court to charges of assault and battery on a child with serious injury, wantonly or recklessly permitting bodily injury to a child and child endangerment.

Suffolk Assistant District Attorney David Deakin said the injured child arrived by ambulance Friday at Massachusetts General Hospital with "massive inner cranial bleeding and bruising over various parts of his body," including an eye, ear, hip, knees and his genitals.

Testa's excuse for the injury is that the child ran into the door. Ummmm yeah that would cause those types of injuries!!

Testa's girlfriend, noticed a scratch around her son's eye on Thursday. She told police her son "seemed lethargic." She looked over his body and noticed bruising on his genital area. When she considered taking the boy to see a doctor, Deakin said Testa told her the "doctor would think she was an unfit mother."

Umm what do you think they will think now??

"There has been some indication of involvement with the Department of Children and Families and this family totally unrelated to Mr. Testa," McAuliffe said.