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    FL - son stabs mother/father.. chilling mugshot!!

    Seen a lot of mug shots on this website.. but this guys' made my blood run chilly!!!!


    Tampa police say 26-year-old Lester Edward Johnson, Jr. admitted to detectives that he entered his parents home through an unlocked side door around 3:15 a.m.

    His parents have a restraining order against him and he isn't supposed to come within 300 feet of their home

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    Emotionally it takes a lot for a parent to file a restraining order against their child.
    Sounds like this one is mentally ill. And there are very few resources out there for the mentally ill.

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    This man MUST be mentally ill. ITA, Peeples, his mug shot creeps me out. His eyes are totally evil. No doubt his behaviors had escalated to a place where his family felt unsafe. I found this, in your link, interesting:

    "...Investigators say the suspect, whose nickname is "Priest," told them that he doesn't have any sympathy for what he did and that he was "delivering faith's message...."

    I'm thinking raging schizophrenia and off meds. I wonder if he has dabbled in satanism or some religious fanaticism. I'm praying that the Dad pulls through. I wonder what the rest of his tattoos say?


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    Bob Marley?? Hmmm. Here's my take on this. I believe that Mr. Marley is the tip off. I imagine that Johnson has been smoking some medical grade pot. That's been known to exacerbate psychosis and schizophrenia. We have a number of threads on this exact scenario, many with very tragic outcomes. As the person begins to hear voices, they seek out pot to calm themselves. Instead, the THC can cause the psychosis to worsen. This is why states (I live in one, Oregon) which allow medical cannabis are so careful to determine whether or not you've ever experienced mental illness or psychosis. And we all know that the most sought after pot on the street has the highest THC. Not a healthy mix. JMO. Note how he showed no emotion nor spoke during his attack. The man is off his rocker and needs serious help now.


    "...Judge Walter Heinrich said Johnson might have mental health issues and that he should be held without bail...."


    "....Arlene Johnson said her son moved into her house in November and has been a problem ever since. She has a restraining order against him, but she said he keeps coming back to the home.

    "He's burning candles constantly – four or five burning at once," she said. "He said he sees God in the candles … and Bob Marley." She said she's tried to get him help but that he has remained a problem...."

    more at link

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    An article which might be of interest:


    A number of pro-medical cannabis sites dispute this argument. IMO, we need more thorough studies and investigation. Cannabis certainly has medicinal uses, we just need to know when it's contra-indicated....like any other medicine. I voted to make it legal in our state as I have a very close family member with MS who uses it with great success. But reading crime reports on WS has proven to me that we need to know more.

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    "New World Order" tattoo. I'd pay to know whose portraits he has inked under that tattoo.

    These poor parents. I can't even fathom what they have been through over the years.

    Oh yeah scary looking guy. I wouldn't fight him. Imagine he enteres the house and takes a knife from their kitchen. Plus he lives down the block?

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    And why is it almost always knives? Think back on all the young men who've killed their loved ones with an element of psychosis and lack of emotion. My theory is that they weren't particularly interested in guns or other weapons in their fairly recent, healthy past. As the psychosis grows, they seem to collect knives and swords or to use a kitchen knife.

    I, too, wonder who the tattooed portraits depict.

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