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    CO - Platteville/Greeley, FemSkeletal & Unk Skull sharing one grave, 1973/1974

    Just came across this unusual story that was published on Saturday. Very few details and nothing on Doe Network but thought I would post it in the small chance someone might find a connection...

    LINN GROVE CEMETERY — It turns a dark gray color in the morning rain, this small concrete tombstone stamped “Henneck Farm Skull.” It’s located in the far east section of the city’s cemetery, and no one really knows who is buried here.

    In fact, in this grave, where the tombstone states there is one skull buried, there are actually two skulls, buried almost four decades ago.

    Cemetery records show the two skulls were found a year and about 20 miles apart, one near Platteville, the other near Greeley.

    It was 38 years ago, in November 1973, when the skull, leg bones and some ribs of a woman were found in the St. Vrain River by goose hunters west of Platteville. The woman, believed to be 26 to 29 years old, has never been identified. Found with the bones were some brown denim pants and a red knit sweater.


    More at article....
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    Ted Bundy victims??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    Ted Bundy victims??
    Ted Bundy was in Colorado in 1975. He may have been there earlier, but there are no known crimes attributable to him in Colorado during or before 1973. Most of his crimes from the early 70's were in Washington and Oregon.

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    Delores House is the only woman on my list from that area and that time-period. But she is a little older than the age estimate.


    Additional Quote from the above-linked article
    “They thought they had a missing woman from the 1970s who could have matched those bones,” Noonan said.

    After checking, the clothing that was found with the body didn’t match the other missing woman, Roberts said. “But we’re going to continue to look into it.”

    The detectives said they might be able to exhume the bones and find a DNA connection to missing persons.
    However, until they find a missing person case that appears to connect to either the “Henneck Farm Skull” or the Platteville skeleton, the detectives probably won’t exhume the bones.
    I wonder if it was Delores House that they were referring to.

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