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    CA - Mom Says Horror Movie Led Toddler To Stab Father

    I don't even have words... Thank goodness CPS has all the kids!!!!!!!!!


    The toddler did stab her husband, but Wagner said she believes her daughter was just trying to protect her and got the idea from “Child’s Play,

    “I think it’s from watching Chucky,” Wagner said. “He lets her watch these kinds of movies and I [told] him before she can’t watch that kind of stuff because she acts really evil.”

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    A 4 year old stabbed him multiple times with a butter knife. Uh-huh.

    I don't know that I could make much more than a dent in someone, if I was using a butter knife.

    My god, these children... I hope they go somewhere that lets them grow up not to be just like their parents. Thoughtless, neglectful parenting will be the downfall of our society. I think it's too far along, just in sheer numbers, to do much about it.
    Murder in the Hills

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    Did anyone read the comment section from the "grandmother" M B-C (intials) and there are other "family members" commenting also?

    Wow, this family is just unbelievable!

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    Good find MorenoI - crazy damn family.

    Years ago a group of us had two "great babysitters" watch our kids one night - we returned and found they had been watching Chucky... My son was 4 at the time and had nightmares for over a week, he banished his My Buddy doll to his older sister's room - I still get pizzed off when I think about it.

    Who in their right mind lets preschoolers watch movies about demented dolls - let alone stab an adult repeatedly with a knife? Must be one strong 4 year old.

    Gma also has domestic violence in the family - the apple didn't fall far from that tree...

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    If Chucky and his bride causes kids to stab their parents it's a miracle my nephew didn't wipe out our entire family by the time he was 4 years old. My mom would be rocking him in the rocker as they watched everything from "The Bad Seed" to "Child's Play". He loved that stuff and he's a full grown well established normal human being . In fact he's a pacifist.

    Judging from all those comments from the families of those folks I'd say Chucky is the least of their worries.

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