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    OK - Man assaulted/tattooed with the word "RAPEST"

    No, I did not misspell the word. The attackers did and it's not clear that they had any reason to assault this man. I'll be keeping an eye on this.


    Okla. man: Attackers tattooed "RAPEST" on forehead

    "Two men and two women are accused of pinning down a man who has learning disabilities, tattooing the word "RAPEST" on his forehead and shocking his genitals with a stun gun before beating him unconscious with a baseball bat, police said Wednesday. The accused told police they attacked Stetson Johnson, 18, because he tried to have sex with one of them, according to a police spokesman. Detectives found no evidence to support their claims..."


    "Johnson, of Oklahoma City, said he is acquainted with all four but has never tried to hurt any of them. He said the April 17 attack began when he was thrown to the ground and kicked in the face "dozens of times" by two men while two women took turns using a stun gun on his genitals...."

    more at link

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    OMG. This story just breaks my heart and wish I could at least pay to have the tattoos removed. He's a cute kid, too. There is so much more evil in the world than I knew of before we had the internets.

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    I'm very hopeful that an organization will step forward to help this young man with the removal of the tattoos. They do that for young men wishing to leave the gang lifestyle. As the mother of nine children with special needs, this pains me very much. I have no doubt that the young man might have made overtures to someone, but no one deserves to be beaten and tortured such as he was.

    So often, the general public forgets that even those with special needs have healthy hormones and yet no clue as to how to properly initiate a relationship. It's a very sad state indeed.

    And this is going on the assumption that he did make an overture. If he was singled out simply because of his disabilities, that's a hate crime. Given the spelling of the tattooed word, I have to wonder about the abilities of those charged.

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    I do not even know that this young man made any overtures towards anyone . This was straight up old school, lets mess with the challenged dude, because we can. If he was making moves on one of their female friends, then what was the point of the tat regarding him liking little boys?

    Just bullies, doing exactly what bullies do IMO, It pains me that there are so many of them in the world.
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    An area where we fall flat on our faces is attempting to understand and to facilitate appropriate sexual development with our challenged youth. Most young people with challenges are tremendously isolated and hyper-supervised. Their lives typically revolve around school and family. On school holidays, they don't go to the mall or to friend's houses. No, they stay home alone, waiting until school starts. Summers are the same way. Even programs as wonderful as Easter Seals have a single social event each month and summer camp that runs five weeks in the summer, four days a week for 4 hours. That's not a lot for teens to do. Once you turn 21, you're out of luck, unless you live in a large city with services.

    So often special needs youth have no idea what to do with their very healthy interest in sex. They might still be playing with Barbies and Hot Wheels but be totally normal in the sexual development department. Parents often see their children innocent and forever childlike and it's a constant challenge to accept the changing bodies and interests (that's true for all parents of teens!!).

    This point was brought home for me several years ago when one of our daughters got "caught" writing love notes to a boy at summer camp. She was 15 and functions at approximately a 7-8 year old level. Nothing wrong with writing love notes, right? The only problem was that the recipient was a 6 year old little boy, the child of a counselor. It was quite a wake-up call as she was horribly floored and shamed by our confrontation. She totally considered him a peer as they colored in coloring books together. She couldn't understand why he wouldn't "date" her. It took a very delicate hand to deal with her and the child. Thankfully, the counselors all understood her issues. We've experienced the very same thing with sons and the response hasn't been nearly as charitable or gentle.

    My point is that this young man may have played with or shown an interest in younger boys as that's where his developmental stage is. This is a tough subject for families and communities to deal with. I'm hopeful that the boy gets the support and guidance he needs right now and that the horrid bullies who hurt him get punished.

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