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    Wearing Only a Smile, Nudists Seek Out the Young and the Naked

    Young people have largely turned their backs on nudist camps, favoring instead public nudist spots like Hippie Hollow in Austin, Texas, Baker Beach in San Francisco or Haulover Beach in Miami, a "clothing optional" stretch of sand at the city's northern edge.

    One reason: Private nudist clubs tend to be geared toward retirees.

    Pools close at sundown. Body piercings are prohibited. Some older nudists complain that younger ones keep them up with late-night cavorting. Mostly, though, youngsters appear not to be eager to socialize regularly with folks the age of their grandparents.

    So the AANR and the Naturist Society have asked their younger members to reach out to their peers and think of ways to make them feel that undressing in front of strangers is wonderful. Florida Young Naturists, Vita Nuda and other young nudist groups have since formed

    See you all there!

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    I still think that by in large (pun possibly intended) the people who should feel least comfortable promoting nudist camps/beaches/etc are the people who should consider modesty a better option.

    San Diego's Black Beach used to be clothing optional - we snuck there as kids - my poor eyes have never recovered from what they saw, it pretty much convinced me to stick to "normal" beaches.

    On a related note, I live in Orange County now, and I'm noticing such huge variety in what people are wearing to the beach this year...it's not just swim wear, but long sundresses, pants, etc. (maybe I notice because I cover more than I used to, and appreciate not being the middle aged mom out)

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    Because of the dangers of skin cancer even the kids are taking more precautions to keep from getting sunburned.

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