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    CA - Fire Captain Andrew McLaughlin arrested for molestation of 7 yr. old girl

    Poor little girl kept the secret for four long years. Bless her heart for being brave enough to tell. I'm certain that she's saved many others from the same abuse. I have to wonder just how many other victims there've been. A guy does not simply start this behavior in his late 30s.


    Veteran firefighter from San Jose accused of molesting 7-year-old girl

    "A veteran Salinas [CA] firefighter from San Jose posted $100,000 bail after being arrested by Watsonville police on suspicion of sexually molesting a 7-year-old girl about four years ago. Andrew Scott McLaughlin, 43, a fire captain assigned to Salinas' downtown fire station, was arrested on a warrant about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday outside his home in San Jose by Watsonville detectives and members of the Santa Cruz County Anti-Crime Team...."


    "...The arrest came after a weeklong investigation that began when the girl's family contacted authorities, [Watsonville police Sgt., Saul] Gonzalez said. He said McLaughlin knew the girl but did not elaborate on the relationship. McLaughlin spoke to investigators, but [Salinas Fire Chief, Jesse] Piņon wouldn't say what he told them..."


    "....McLaughlin, who posted bail Wednesday, was due to appear in court May 9. He was promoted to a fire captain in February 2006 and was a former president of the Salinas firefighters union."

    more at link (mug shot and comments)

    ETA: Interesting how one says that "you can't take a child's word on this--you have to have proof". Hmmmm.

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    Hi missizzy,

    It's rough. What really is upsetting is that we teach our kids to go to a "safe' Person if they're in trouble - and that "safe" person (cops, firefighters, etc.) turns out to betray our trust.

    This case is in my backyard, and I'm gonna stay on top of it FWIW,

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