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    OH - 64-year-old man indicted on charges that he impregnated 12 yr old girl

    Gary Daniels, Sr

    In 2009, Daniels was found innocent of abduction, gross sexual imposition and sexual imposition charges after he was accused of touching a 10-year-old and 13-year-old at a homeless shelter in Lorain, according to Carpentiere.


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    ugh. You have a knack for finding the cases that outrage, sicken and just plain dishearten me peeps Not meant in a bad way, but arg. It gets so frustrating knowing just how many children out there in the good old US of A are being mistreated, abused, raped and killed. Makes one heartsick, ya know?
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    This man should have been in jail since the first accusation JMO.

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    A jury trial began on May 31, 2011, at the conclusion of which the jury found
    Daniels guilty of rape. The court sentenced Daniels to ten years in prison.
    Only 10 years!
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