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    NV - Carla Espinosa-Alvarez, 3, North Las Vegas, 8 May 2011

    Police seek help to find 3-year-old kidnapped from foster home

    North Las Vegas Police are asking for the public's help to find a kidnapped three-year-old.


    Carla's foster mother says around 9:30 pm Sunday night a masked man and woman held her at gunpoint and took Carla from the residence.

    The suspects are described as being Hispanic and standing about 5'6" tall with black hair and brown eyes. They were dressed in all black with brown masks or bandanas over their faces and both spoke fluent Spanish.


    Detectives want to speak to Carla's biological mother, 30-year-old Maria Espinosa-Alvarez. She is believed to live in Mexico and has made threats to take Carla out of this foster home, where she has resided for the last seven months.


    This case does not meet the criteria for an Amber Alert at this time.

    More: http://www.ktnv.com/story/14603442/3...om-foster-home
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    Police seek help in search for abducted 3-year-old girl


    According to her foster mother, at about 9:30 p.m. Sunday, a masked man and woman knocked at the front door of the home. After being tricked into opening the front door, the foster mother was held at gunpoint by a man while the woman searched the home “specifically” for Espinosa-Alvarez, police said.

    She found the child upstairs, police said, and carried her out of the house.


    Witnesses told police they saw a suspicious white luxury sedan with dark tinted windows in the area just before the kidnapping.

    More: http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2011...year-old-girl/

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    NCMEC poster - http://www.missingkids.com/missingki...archLang=en_US

    Case Type: Non Family Abduction

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    I bet it was the bio parents. How many other 'couples' wear masks, carry out a home invasion, looking specifically for a toddler? imoo
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    Bless this child, I hope they find Carla and place her in a home where she will be loved and cherished.

    Any word on why she was removed and placed in FC?
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    I hope she is found soon!! I also think her "mother" has something to do with this. JMO

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    I certainly believe that a kidnapping at gunpoint warrants an AMBER Alert!!! On the one hand, you either have two *unknown, masked, armed* people kidnapping a toddler. Issue an AMBER Alert! On the other hand, you have the mother and an accomplice, still armed, kidnapping a toddler! Issue the AMBER Alert!

    They MUST 99% believe that the mother is behind this. Because if not, they have failed to issue an alert for a toddler taken at gunpoint by two people. Ridiculous. Despite what the article below says, the Nevada criteria does not mandate that a vehicle description be available. http://amberalert.nv.gov/AMBER_Activation.htm

    Police searching for kidnapped foster girl

    A 3-year-old foster girl whose biological mother had threatened to take her away was kidnapped at gunpoint Sunday night, North Las Vegas police said.

    Authorities, including the FBI, were searching for Carla Espinosa-Alvarez after a masked couple tricked their way into the home near Commerce Street and Lone Mountain Road and took the girl.


    They did not issue an Amber Alert because they lacked specific information about the suspects, such as a license plate number, which is required to send out the alert, she said. That could change if investigators develop more specific information, she said.

    Investigators also had not ruled out the kidnapping being committed by someone unrelated to the biological mother, Coon said.

    More: http://www.lvrj.com/news/police-sear...4.html?ref=654

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    Somewhere out there ....
    I hope they find her safe soon, she is beautiful ! Prayers for Carla............
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    Found Safe!

    BREAKING NEWS: Kidnapped 3-Year-Old Found Safe in Mexico

    NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- North Las Vegas police say a kidnapped a 3-year-old foster girl has been found unharmed with her mother in Mexico. Carla Espinosa-Alvarez was abducted from her foster home near Commerce Street and West Lone Mountain Road Sunday evening.

    Carla's foster mother told police at about 9:30 p.m., a masked man and woman entered her home. The man held her at gunpoint while the female suspect searched the home, specifically looking for Carla. She located the child upstairs and carried her out of the house.

    Police say the child was found with her biological mother, Maria Espinosa-Alvarez, a 30-year-old Mexican national. She is believed to live in Mexico and had made threats in the past to take Carla out of the foster home.

    The investigation is continuing into the circumstances surrounding the child's disappearance.

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    Very glad that Carla is safe!!!

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    Thank Goodness. Another happier ending than most. I hope they can sort out their issues and this adorable child can settle in to a nice safe family life.
    “Every day that they don’t find something is good for me.“ Billie Dunn

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    Glad to hear that she was found safe! However, if that is the case, why is she still isted as missing with NCMEC?


    The information contained in the maps below are my interpretation of locations, based on MSM and input from others. They are meant solely as a guide and are not to be taken as fact.

    Possible Victims of Lloyd Lee Welch Jr ~ https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid...01105,0.019634

    Elizabeth Collins & Lyric Cook ~ https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid...406effc9c7306f

    Holly Bobo ~ https://www.google.com/maps/ms?msid=...184749,0.31414

    Kyron Horman ~ https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?m...kQ&usp=sharing

    Relisha Rudd ~ https://www.google.com/maps/ms?msid=...3bc4b55d&msa=0

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    I'm not sure... This article also says she was found safe. Gives more info, too.

    Story of foster child's kidnapping under scrutiny

    Her foster girl is gone. Her sense of safety is shattered. Her story is under suspicion.


    On Monday, Carla was found unharmed in Mexico with her biological mother, Mexican national Maria Espinosa-Alvarez. Soon after, sources said, Espinosa-Alvarez told authorities that the kidnapping was a hoax and that she had paid Losoya to willingly return Carla, a U.S. citizen, to Mexico.


    Carla's status is unknown. Although the girl is a legal ward of Clark County, she remains with her biological mother. The outcome of the case probably will hinge on whether North Las Vegas police link Espinosa-Alvarez to the kidnapping.


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    Carla is still listed with NCMEC. It appears that she has not been "recovered", although they believe she is with her mother in Mexico. Moving back to Missing Discussion.


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    --- On Wed, 5/16/12, posters@ncmec.org <posters@ncmec.org> wrote:

    From: posters@ncmec.org <posters@ncmec.org>
    Subject: Missing Child Poster Partner Restriction - Nevada
    To: <redacted>
    Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2012, 3:39 PM

    Carla Espinosa-Alvarez missing from North Las Vegas, NV, has been restricted. Please discontinue dissemination of this poster. Please remove and discard any posters on this case that you have placed in public view.

    We greatly appreciate your part in our efforts to reunite families.
    Thank you for your support.

    The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
    Visit our web site at www.missingkids.com.

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