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    MO - Dr. Marshall Saper, 52, Kansas City, 3 Nov 1991

    I did a search before posting this and there has apparently never been any thread about the mysterious death of this popular talk show host. Here is a link to an article in the Chicago Tribune at the time.


    I was a dedicated listener to his show, aired mornings on KCMO radio from the early 80's until his death. Dr Saper had a droll wit and made psychology entertaining. His suicide was shocking and there are still folks in the KC area who will tell you things were not as they appeared.

    In some of my research I ran across a reference to his gunshot wounds being in his chest, very unusual for a suicide, also to there being two wounds. He always had such an upbeat attitude and more than once talked to callers contemplating ending their life and getting them help.

    What makes this sort of questionable in my mind is my knowledge of the enemies he made. He was overtly anti-religous, often tangling on air with fundementalists. I think he also counted neo Nazis among his enemies. I can try to dig up more on this is there is any interest.
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    More than one gunshot wound in a suicide is pretty strange, especially to the chest. The article does say that Saper's wife found a suicide note though. I wonder if that note was investigated more.

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