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    If anyone has a link they would like added to our resource board please leave it here. I'll be happy to add it to the right area. If you have questions or thoughts you can leave them here too. Thank you and any input will be greatly appreciated!!!


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    Please help us get this story out and also to help with our Petition for a 54 Year Old Sunday School Teacher shot and killed by a Police officer. Below is the link to the Petition and to other news stories about this shooting.. Thank you!!
    A Police officer shot six times and hitting her 4 times in the back an Unarmed 54 year old Sunday School teacher Patricia Cook killing her in broad daylight in the middle of town by a Sunday school parking lot while she was driving away in Culpeper, VA. The officer reported that his arm was caught in her window and that he was dragged. Two eye witness said that isn’t what happened. Close to 800 people have signed a petition asking for justice to be severed for this shooting of Patricia Cook. The officials are handling this behind closed doors and we are asking for a public court hearing. Please help if you feel that a life taken should be handled in the open to make sure that things are handled fairly. Here is the petition site with a facebook page and a Washington DC news channel doing a story on it. We all know that cops have a very hard job and do not want to bash them but just to make sure that this is handled fairly in a Court of Law. Thanks!
    FOX 2 News - Family Wants Answers After Woman Shot, Killed By Officer - YouTube
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