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    Juror Summary Thread

    Is it possible to get a summary thread of the potential jurors who made it to round 2, so we have a quick reference of each of them without having to scroll through 40 pages/juror to find out what happened?

    KaylynnCouture wrote up a nice summary for the first juror:

    Juror Recap: #1340

    Pretrial Publicity: *He's heard of the case through local media only (doesn't watch any national media). *Thinks Caylee was watched by "a daycare person who lives in an apartment"-doesn't know any information other than that. *Camera's in the courtroom wouldn't bother him/influence him. *Thinks he can be unbiased.

    Death Penalty Stance: *FOR IT in the right circumstances. *Had the belief since college. *Catholic faith (daughter attends a Catholic school) but "doesn't agree with everything the church believes in". *Religious views don't impact his judgement. *Hasn't heard enough cons to change his DP view.

    Misc.: *Only been called for jury duty 1 time before (20 years ago- sat in a room, then excused) but didn't serve. *Only camera experience is a 7 second Budweiser commercial. *Works as a supervisor for a medical courier company (12 hour shifts). *Prior to that, worked at a collectible store in the mall for 5 years. *Never been involved in any lawsuits/litigation. *No experience of handling/training of dogs other than as a pet owner. *Knows "very little" information about police dogs. *Never smelled odor of decomposition. *Says being a juror on the case would be "interesting" because it's a mystery and mysteries "fascinate" him. *Likes some crime shows (Criminal Minds, CSI, NCIS)..watches occasionally, but knows it's not real. *Has Facebook (and posted that he had jury duty..but no info about the case) but no other social media accounts. *Been arrested once for a seatbelt violation..released same day.

    Family Life: *Married 11 years. *Has 1 child (daughter, 7 years old). *Very close family. *Parents still married. *Has 2 brothers, 1 sister. *Parents only have 1 grandchild (his daughter). *Has 1 dog and 1 cat. *Has a great support network. *Doesn't want to be away from his family but "is prepared for it". *Has 2 cousins that are police officers (both in Florida)..are semi-close.

    Educational Background: *Some college in Hickory, NC.

    Describes himself as.. *Fortunate *Likeable *Strong-willed *Social *Love interactions with friends/family/coworkers *Funny *Loves sports *Brother *Friend *Father

    State- No objections to juror. Defense- No objections

    Asked to return tomorrow afternoon.

    Justice for Caylee

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    Originally Posted by KaylynnCouture:

    Juror Recap #1232

    Pretrial Publicity: *Has heard general facts about the case (who is being accused, background of what happened, etc). *Predominant source of information has been local news (Bay Area 9 News). *Hasn't heard anything about the case in the past year or so. *Watched news coverage in passing (while getting ready for work, waiting for the weather to come on, etc). *Remembers hearing Baez and Mason's name..never saw them on TV. *Doesn't know any other members of CA's defense team. *Doesn't watch national news programs, doesn't have a blog, doesn't read tabloids. *Only blog he reads regularly is "The Heater" (about baseball). *Remembers when Caylees remains were found and that they were found "in the woods near her home". *Has seen CA's mugshot and "a few casual photos". *Hasn't heard anything in the news about CA's car. *Watches local news (Bay News 9) every day. *No social networking accounts. *Knows nothing about CA's family. *Watches Dr. G Medical Examiner "when nothing else is on". *Does not want to be on TV discussing the trial when it's over. *No concerns being contacted by the media but doesn't want to be.

    Death Penalty Stance: For it. *Never really thought about his stance on the DP until now. *Would have voted for the DP if he was on the jury for bin Laden. *Thinks DP "depends on the circumstances". *Never had a conversation with anyone else about his views on the DP. *No problems recommending death or life in prison w/o parole if the circumstances were right. *Not a member of any religious group, but isn't atheist.

    Misc.: *Works on the delivery route, overnight shift, for St. Petersburg Times. *Been called for jury duty before, but not selected. *One of his friends was a victim of the DC Sniper crimes. *Never been to Orlando. *Being on the jury would effect his personal, family, and professional life but will do it because it's his civic duty.

    Family: *Married. *Lived with his parents until age 24. *Has 6 children (4 young children under age 7, and 2 teenage step-children. *Longest he's watched his kids is 12 hours at a time. *No pets.

    State: No objections. Defense: No objections.

    Asked back for next round.

    Justice for Caylee

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    We have a thread up in the sticky area.

    [ame="http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135667"]Unexcused Juror List ***LIST ONLY NO DISCUSSION PLEASE*** [/ame]

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