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    Robbers steal 6 truckloads of chocolate in Britain

    LONDON (AP) - Perhaps they had a sweet tooth.

    Robbers with their own trucks stole six trailer loads of chocolates worth more than $1 million Cdn from an industrial park in northeast England, police said Monday. Since the crime at the Great Bear Distribution Center in Skelmersdale in the early hours of Sunday, five of the trailers have been recovered: four of them empty and the fifth still containing its load of Easter eggs.

    "It was a very well-organized raid," said a spokeswoman for Lancashire Police. At least five men were involved, and they held two guards from the centre in a nearby field while their colleagues drove away with the haul.

    "We don't know if they planned to come back for the Easter eggs - or maybe they were considered too seasonal to get rid of."


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    I am glad to see that they didn't blame it on women with PMS! LOL


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