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    WA - Womanizer Donald Holmes/father of 22--possible civil commitment

    I'm mighty glad that Holmes will be possibly be sent to the confinement center. However, we have a couple of threads on McNeil Island. The "residents" there have been awfully crafty over the last few years. They've accessed child porn on the internet. It is beyond me why these men have permission to use the internet.


    Sex offender, father of 22: 'I'm a womanizer'

    "A longtime sex offender and career criminal, Donald “Theo” Holmes dodged a life sentence in 2004 after a state appeals court tossed out five child rape and molestation convictions leveled against him two years before. Now – as Holmes approaches the end of a 10-year sentence imposed following his appeal – King County prosecutors have filed to have the 65-year-old indefinitely confined as a violent sexual predator at a state facility on McNeil Island.

    Holmes, a father of 22 children with a criminal history dating to 1964, is described by a state psychologist as a “psychopathic sexual predator” who has charmed young women, girls and their mothers to “feed his narcissistic needs....”


    "....“I’m a womanizer,” Holmes told evaluators. “I’ve had mothers and daughters pregnant by me in the same house....”

    more at link

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    Sounds like a real loser. And he sees himself as a 'womanizer' huh? Does a 'womanizer' threaten little kids so he can have sex with them?

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    Oh now that's just gross. The only place that man deserves to be is in prison. Oh, and medically castrated!

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