Sometimes it makes it just a tad easier to read about a creeper when they're all around rotten a*s people.

If you're a Burmese refugee and have been sent to one of Daniel Bruckner's horrific properties I am sorry. Bruckner who obviously can give a rat's behind about human decency has a slew of liens against his places, and well basically all kinds of law problems dealing with property.

That's that. He's a Lawyer I guess he knows how to not handle his business. However, back in the 80's ol' Dan there was busted ordering child pornography from Denmark. He was convicted, but only had to revoke the ol' law license for five months. His stellar lawyer argued he should not be convicted because he didn't intend to SELL the pornography, but "keep it in his own private fantasy closet."

Yeaaaaaaah so umm what your own private fantasy closet has to do with is defiling kids well you need lockup. Also my fear would be he has the upper hand with the "primative" Burmese people that have roaches walking on them and no running water and toxic fumes. They need to hang on to their little boys.

This creep said all the problems with his buildings is the fault of the Burmese people who don't even know how to flush a toilet. He calls them primative. I call him a real flippin creeper and a slumlord.