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    Toddler wanders for 9KM through desert alone

    A 20-month-old boy wandered for nine kilometres through the scorching desert of south-east Iran before his parents followed his footprints and found him sitting in an open irrigation channel, police said on Sunday.

    Errant toddler Ali Esfandiarpour had been playing at home in a small village near the town of Sirjan when his parents realised he was missing on Tuesday afternoon.

    He was tracked down late that night.

    "His family, relatives, and other villagers started walking out into the desert to look for him," said Abdolhossein Moghaddas, a police officer from the south-eastern province of Kerman.

    "Police and villagers followed his footsteps with torches until they found the boy sitting in an open channel used for irrigation. The boy started crying when he saw his parents."

    Ali appeared unscathed by his trek.


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    Thank GOD!

    This is truly a miracle!
    Such a young age to wander so far! AMAZING!