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    MI - Mother charged in sexual assault of coworker's 2 yr old


    A Bay City mother of four has been charged for allegedly sexually assaulting her co-worker’s 2-year-old child.

    District Court records indicate that Patricia Kreiner was charged with two counts of 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct with a victim under13 years old on May 11th.

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    From your link, Peeples:

    "....According to the media report, the defendant’s attorney claims crime report documents were falsified by a Michigan State Police trooper...."

    I wonder what this statement is in reference to. I also have to wonder if there were any photographs taken. I don't see it in the charges but it seems that women so often commit this heinous crime at the direction of a man. Without a photo, you have to wonder how the mother found out. If other children were present, that would be reflected in the charges too. If the child is almost three, she might have self-reported but if she's closer to two years that's a bit doubtful, IMO.

    I don't think the whole story is told yet.

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    Her earliest release date at present is October 2036. I was following up on an offender in Louisiana earlier today. He was sentenced to 4 10 year sentences in about 2007-2008 but has two new rape charges in the same parish in 2012 & 2013, both against minor girls. I will never understand sentencing and serving time, especially of likely to re-offend crimnals.
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