I don't agree with Young's attorney, I'm afraid. I think the crime of viewing child porn defines a person's true nature. All the good that this man might have done flew out the window the second he chose to view the sexual abuse of little children. In fact, due to his background, I hold him to a higher mandate.


Judge accepts plea deal for officer charged with child porn

"A judge on Tuesday accepted a plea deal reached between the state and a former federal corrections officer charged with 30 counts of possessing child pornography. Ronnie Keith Young, 43, agreed to plead guilty to all counts in return for a prison sentence of no more than five years, followed by five years of sex-offender probation...."


"....Young's attorney, Jack Maro, said he expects to ask prosecutors for additional time shaved off that agreed-upon prison sentence once the report is completed. "He has no prior criminal history, he gave 16 years in the military, he certainly has done his country and his community a service," Maro said Tuesday. "Those things have to be taken into consideration...."

More at link (plus mug shot)