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    If anyone has a link they would like added to our resource board please leave it here. I'll be happy to add it to the right area. If you have questions or thoughts you can leave them here too. Thank you and any input will be greatly appreciated!!!


    When your child goes missing: A Family Survival Guide

    Missing Adult Checklist
    Websleuth's Resource Center

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    Re Highway of Tears person of interest, Leland Switzer, I would just like to find a picture of this guy to see if he could be the same man who scared the daylights out of me in August 2000 at a rest stop on Hwy 16 west of the Kitwanga junction. From the moment a man got out of his car and started walking toward me, I felt I was in big trouble. But just when I thought I would have to fight, he somehow turned around and got back in the car.

    The man I saw had no resemblance to previous sketches posted. So this is almost 15 years ago now, and I only recently learned of Switzer's name. Can't find a photo Switzer of any age anywhere on the net. He's in prison now, but used to live in Belle Isle, near PG. Anybody?

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