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    A heartfelt thank you to the mods.

    It's been a while since you have had your own thread. We appreciate your hard work & dedication to this case. We understand how hard it could be to weed through a gazillion posts <devoting your time> going through each of them, and individually deleting posts that are irrelevant, or <modsnipping> each individual comment. I think I can speak for the majority when I say that this is- by far- the best forum on the internet to discuss our opinions/views. You guys are the best!

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    Yes, Thank You Thank You Thank You! A million times Thank You for your patience, energy and devotion to WS!
    ...the humble opinion of Jo Schmo...0 number of Days Jury Deliberated for Caylee

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    Adding my thanks to all the mods who keep WS a wonderful forum for all who are interested in crime and justice for victims. You all do a fantastic job! Your efforts are greatly appreciated!
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    Adding my "Thank You".

    I used to mod a huge (gaming) forum and it can be brutal. I can't imagine modding a sleuthing forum of this size. Not in a million years would I do it. I appreciate very much there are people willing to devote time to it.

    (((sleuthing mods)))

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    I don't think we can say this enough. We all know that emotions are going to run pretty high and strong as this trial moves forward.

    And if we can have grace for each other and the mods that need to babysit us it will help the ship run smoothly!!

    Thank you so much for a place to be able to read and watch from the sidelines that is safe.
    Sitting. on. hands.

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    Thank you Mods!!!

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    Thank you Mods for all of the heart and soul you put into your job here at WS! You do this with no thought of pay, time off, or vacation, it's truly a labor of love. Thank you for your tireless dedication to these victims.
    "This is not about Casey Anthony, but about what happened to Caylee Anthony between the photograph taken on June 15 and the one taken on December 11." LDB, my hero

    "I just have to ask you, how does one human being do this to another, let alone do it to their Mother?" Bill Shaeffer

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    Thank you for being here for all of us and thank you for your patience here also and keeping it respectful. You are much appreciated.

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    Thanks for all you do!

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    Mods thank you so very much for all of your hard work and attention to details! This is without question the best sleuthing site on the net because of you!!! Also thanks for making us towing the line...tehehehe

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