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    Thread To Discuss Side Bar Thread

    I thought because there is so much traffic on the Side Bar thread for today I would start another thread, maybe traffic could split up?

    I know I had more to say but I know how many were trying to get on the original thread to even find out what happened.

    JB: I gave her my word I would do everything I possibly could, part of that is making sure she gets an impartical jury. I drove back from Orlando today I cannot neglect my responsiblities...to give her the best under the law...this court has labored to do this...due process requires us to speak and engage in meaningful voir dire of these potential jurors before we exercise our preemtive strikes...we ask the court to allow us...we stand by our previous objections.

    HHJP: you are not forced to exersise them until the jury is sworn in...juror after juror without requireing...if you take what you said...a thousand jurors...and the court has to wait till you are satisfied until you exercise the preemptory challenge...all I can do is guide you...to preceed to attempt to swear them...if you use you pre empt challenge...but to take you process...

    the question I need the answer for, if nobody utilizes their pre emptory challenges then at what point do I stop. if we go through these remaining 15, what schedual are you willing to work as we will not have a facity tomorrow. I can't operate in a parking lot...I am just trying to figure out...no body wanted to work sat, I didn't want to work sat...and if we hadn't have worked the hours we hadn't of worked, it is a burden on everyone, no one has been doing cart wheels and enjoying Orlando.

    (Typed while listening to InSession play some of today's events)

    Jose is going to use jury selection to delay this trial. Casey is happy, it looks like she has rights again and things are going her way. They say something and it all comes to a halt...

    this is just more delays and stall tactics by the defense. I think what Jose said(above)tells you what he is up to. IMHO.

    John 14:6

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    This thread temporarily locked for review.
    You can hold back from the suffering of the world. You have free permission to do so and it is in accordance with your nature.
    But perhaps this very holding back is the one suffering you could have avoided.
    Franz Kafka

    Be not simply good. Be good for something.

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    Sorry guys but we can't run parallel threads. You guys are welcome to open new topical threads though.

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