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    FL - Man faked modeling agency, kidnapped women for sex trafficking, Orlando

    Wonder if this other woman is reported missing?

    "Another victim recovered from the Walden Circle apartment told deputies Rodriguez brought her from North Carolina to Orlando, after approaching her about modeling."


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    Can I take your picture has become a very scary phrase!

    One thing I don't understand, LE has said they were able to contact the victim by phone. Did she have her cell with her or did they call the phone at that address? That part I don't understand.

    And of course he was already a sex offender who had failed to update his registration.
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    This one says she met him outside a 7/11 and was taken to a motel.


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    Something odd about this. Were these women illegal aliens or did they have some other issues such as a drug problem that would make them go along with this?

    They state they were "afraid of being beaten" but one apparently had her cell phone, another agreed to stay overnight with 3 other women after he promised to "take her home the next day" and others ended up turning tricks?

    Seems like he had some hold over them that went beyond "a fear of being beaten".

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