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    NY - Girl, 11, raped at YMCA/gave birth in March

    It tragic when a civil suit has to be filed in order to get a criminal charge of rape against an 11 year old.


    NY girl, 12, says she was raped at YMCA, had baby

    "A lawyer for a 12-year-old girl said Friday that she was raped in a YMCA sauna by a day camp counselor, became pregnant and contracted a sexually transmitted disease. The girl was assaulted twice by the 17-year-old camp counselor last July when she was 11, attorney John Elmore said. She gave birth to a son in March.

    The family's civil lawsuit in state Supreme Court claims the Y was negligent, especially because the second assault was witnessed and reported by a co-worker, who worked as a lifeguard. "The lifeguard reported it to management. The management did not report it to police," said Elmore, who didn't name the girl. "They believed the perpetrator, who claimed he didn't do it....."


    "...the girl went months without prenatal care and contracted a sexually transmitted disease, which also went untreated..."

    more at link

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    This is horrific. I cannot understand this. Why wasn't this man prosecuted before this? I sure hope the little girl is not going to raise this baby, though.
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    What I can't understand is how an organization with a reputation like the YMCA did not take a report from an employee seriously. I commend the co-worker for coming forward but I can't imagine how awful that must have been to see something like that, to report, and for NOTHING to be done. How was the "incident" explained to the mother? Something tells me that there's lots more info yet to come out. It's really horrid that a civil suit had to be brought to get something done.

    As far as who raises the child, that's so hard. It depends on the child's wishes and the child's family's situation, IMO. Yes, she is a child and a rape victim but she's also a mother. That can never be erased, even if the child was relinquished at birth. Surely, she's in intensive therapy and I'd like to think that she and her family made the right decision for her.

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    After being told of an 'incident' at the camp, did the parents not ask the kid about it? Or if she wouldn't talk, why didn't they call the camp and ask for more details?

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    The story is very brief and does not specify when the parents became aware of the rape. It is possible that the child did not tell her parents about it. She wasn't believed or protected by the YMCA personnel, perhaps after the trauma of being raped, twice by someone bigger and in a position of authority over her, it not being believed by the Y staff even when it was reported, it was too much.

    The parents may not even have been aware of the rapes until the pregnancy and STD were discovered.
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    Oh my, I am wondering if this "boy" did not have other victims during this summer camp? Now I'm paranoid about my daughter attending YMCA's summer camp this year.

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