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    NJ - Carla Vicentini, 22, Newark, 10 Feb 2006

    Carla Vicentini was last seen leaving a bar and grill in Newark, New Jersey, during the early morning hours of February 10, 2006. At that time, she was thought to have been intoxicated and was seen with an unidentified white male. She told a friend that she was going outside the bar to the man's car to view a photograph. She has not been seen since she left the restaurant.


    Carla was a Brazilian exchanged student living in Newark. It is believed Carla returned to her residence, as her wallet, passport, and jacket were found there. A few days after she disappeared, someone called her bosses cell phone and screamed for help, but it's not known if it was Carla.


    Help! Where is Carla Vicentini? - http://www.freewebs.com/carlavicente/

    Project Jason - http://www.projectjason.org/forums/i...hp?topic=323.0

    Laura Recovery Center - http://www.lrcf.net/create-flyer-tf/...Vicentini.html

    Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=118328744877784

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    Search continues for Brazilian student who vanished after leaving Newark bar 4 years ago
    February 2010

    Joan Petruski’s life mission is to find missing people, but the case of Carla Vicentini, a Brazilian student who vanished after leaving a Newark bar four years ago, is personal to her.


    Vicentini, and friends of the family, hope the billboard reminds law enforcement officials that Carla is still missing and refreshes the public’s memories about her and what they saw the night of Feb. 9, 2006 in a bar in Newark’s Ironbound.

    More: http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/201...e_brazili.html

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    $20,000 reward for anyone who can help lead them to her.

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    NJ - Carla Vincentini, 22 Newark February 9 2006


    Brazilian National last seen at 2:00a leaving a bar on Ferry Street with a heavy set, sullen man with blue eyes and salt and pepper hair. Portuguese speaker, very little English. Vincentini's boss received a call from an unknown number days after her disappearance, where whoever was on the other end was screaming "HELP!"




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    If anyone speaks Portuguese the following link is to what seems to be a hearing of a Brazilian Senate Committee which focuses on this case. It hears from Carla's mother and (if I understand correctly using Google Translate!) some very specific allegations are made about named individuals. This seems to be information not available in any other sources and may provide new avenues of interest.


    Can anyone offer their language expertise to provide a translation or summary?

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    Just a bump on this post. The file (which it doesn't appear anyone translated) is missing or moved from that link. Anyone with any current info?

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    It's been over 10 years now...I think she was harmed by that guy she was last seen with sadly.

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    Agreed, however it still is an open case and should be kept in the light. The FBI have even offered a $20,000 reward in her case, so they have not given up. I would assume no surveillance footage was available, though it is a shame since even 10 years ago it was quite common to use for most businesses. I am still hoping this one gets solved.

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