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    Want to add an Idea

    I had an idea to help the people who were affected by the storms while we watch the trial. I accidently posted it under the " anthony Family Psych profile" thread. If everyone can go read it and tell me what you think, I would be happy. I don't know how to bring it over to another thread, and I am tired. I posted it around whatever time this is being posted. (a little after midnight, central time) Thanks everyone.

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    Here ya go!
    Quote Originally Posted by Jovi Girl View Post
    Perhaps we should all do something for others as we watch this trial and post about it. With the recent loss of life and major destruction the weather these past few weeks has brought, we could all allocate,lets say 10 or 25 cents,everytime we hear Caylees name during the trial, or whatever other way you personally want to do it. Maybe everytime Jose makes you spit out your coffe/tea with something he says, or we see Casey glaring at people. and give it to the Red Cross, or any organization we choose, to help these people. We could come up with some interesting ways to put a dime/quarter/whatever we choose in a jar or something. It can add up to a lot over the course of the trial. Althiough the Red Cross and other organizations need aid now, maybe we can think of a way to get the money to them before the end of the trial. At least all of our moaning, cheering,etc. will go to a good cause. We can also give it in memory of Caylee. I will definately write that on my check. All in favor, say "Aye '.
    ~ my opinion only

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