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    UT - Mother tried to Sell 11 Yr Old's Virginity


    "Police say the woman and the daughter would model lingerie for the man. The offer was discovered by the woman's boyfriend, who found multiple text messages discussing the proposal."

    Thank god for the "mother's" boyfriend!!! I'd like to give him one heck of a round of applause...when it's usually so many that are committing the crime. Kudos to this guy.
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    gahhhhhhh! That's no mother! I hope this little girl is in the care of a responsible and loving adult.

    Bless her heart that the proposal never happened! My prayers go out to her.


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    the boyfriend is a hero IMO

    he saved that little girl

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    ITA, the boyfriend stepped up to the plate and saved that child. A few more details:


    Woman accused of trying to sell girl's virginity

    "....the woman acknowledged the agreement and said she and the girl had been modeling lingerie for the man in a local store and at their home near the Utah State Capitol. Investigators say the woman said she had also taken pictures of her daughter wearing only a bra and skimpy, thong underwear and sent them to another adult male...."


    "....the girl told police she initially agreed to the sex-for-money arrangement, but later told her mother that she did not want to go through with it..."

    more at link

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    according to izzy's article the girl is 13, not 11. wonder why the descrepancy.....

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