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Thread: The Roy Kronk Connection- Opening Statements-Kronk takes the stand 2011.06.28

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    Quote Originally Posted by DawnTCB View Post
    I was reading your joke version the other day and thinking, wow, pretty close to reality... funny how things turn out...especially the ending.
    Unfortunately, I was way off on the ending.
    Who is the man Carly's talking about in "You're So Vain"?

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    I think that had it not been for Kronk's need for relief--and his subsequent persistence in alerting authorities--Caylee might never have been found. Casey would still be prancing around leading detectives on an Alice in Wonderland goose chase. We have Kronk to thank. Yet the defense would have everyone believe that he was like the gravediggers in Hamlet, playing around with Yorick's skull--or that he is some sort of body snatcher who houses remains in his apartment like a wanna-be Jeffrey Dahmer! I mean, how many times does an average citizen have to call LE during a major missing child alert? The Kronk story is hilarious--until you remember that his reputation was shredded and he was dubbed "morally bankrupt" by the gleeful Baez et al.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hot Dogs View Post
    Ashton essentially confirmed what a few of us have been saying since the beginning. Roy Kronk is not credible. The prosecution did not call him as a witness because he doesn't tell the truth. Ashton used the terms "spinning yarns" and "embellish". He also agreed that Kronk told his son (Brandon Sparks) that he had found the skull even before December 11th.

    Kronk's stories just don't make sense as told. Even the State can see that.
    So that kinda makes LDB questioning him about the phones call interesting doesnt it?

    I will have to go back and look at that but ,if they KNEW the phone calls were made by RK and when why were the even asking him on cross about them?

    It is one thing to try to get the truth ,but when you know the truth why would they want make it look like an issue and appear to try lead away from the truth?

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