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    KOIN 30 min. Special 5/24/11

    Part 1:


    Some quotes from Kaine:

    Kaine says "We still don't have the truth, we still don't have the version of the story from the last person who saw him that day and we need it"

    "To me that's the most telling thing, we have not seen any actions from her (TH) so far that would warrant someone who is desperately trying to find their child and that speaks volumes"

    "We believe TERRI has something to do with it (his disappearance)"

    Trying to find part 2 but they are mislabeled on their site. Part 2 is about how social media has played a part in this case.

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    RE: KOIN reports

    A little hard to find all three parts. Go to:


    Then follow the links, from a list, to "Kyron Horman Investigation" Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Unfortunately, there appears to be no specific URL for each of the segments.

    My observation: It'd be handy if KOIN would place a "lower third" on all the interviews indicating the date/year in which they were recorded. But then, I'm just a former broadcaster. WTH do I know?

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    Thanks for finding that link Shadowboy. Koin stinks at website design (among other things) LOL!

    In your link, if you click on the one labeled "Part 2", McCain made a comment about Terri having to "make a decision in 2 years whether to seek parenting rights in which she'll have to start talking about her past or she's going to have to give up the opportunity to see her biological daughter again" I might try and find the lawyer thread and see what that's about. Why 2 years? Is that when the restraining order expires? I think Cluciano was asking this on the other thread too.

    They also make a comment about needing a body and then they will move forward immediately because without either a living Kyron or his remains, the jury could have reasonable doubt. We've been speculating this many times on the board. I wish I knew what evidence they have that is so strong to point to her but so weak that it won't be enough without a body. Frustrating for sure!

    One other thing that jumped out at me was CW Jensen's opinion of more time that goes by the more likely Terri will face murder charges. He says "in 3 years, a GJ is going to say I don't think that kid is around anymore and this isn't just a disappearance, it's a homicide"

    It's possible this is what LE shared with Kaine and explains why he says it could take 2, 3 or 4 years.

    Jensen also comments that "these guys KNOW who's responsible" when referring to the investigators frustration with not being able to bring justice.

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    I'm confused--I watched all three parts but I don't remember any of them dealing much with the role of social media in this case. Could someone post a link or URL to the part that deals with social media? Thanks!

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