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    Something about Casey telling Tony about "abuse" she had suffered from her father.

    Quote Originally Posted by jmfstl View Post
    Does anyone know about this "secret"

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmfstl View Post
    Does anyone know about this "secret"
    Lee Anthony molesting her. Remember, she told Jesse Lee tried to have sex with her but in her letters she was talking about her magic bra and flash lights and it stopped after she told him if he came in her room again, she would kill him.

    "She's safe. She's in God's loving arms. In a lot of ways, I'm content by the fact that she will never have to have her heart broken, or see the constant negativity that our society breeds -nor will she ever be abused or taken advantage of." -Casey Anthony
    "They just want Caylee back, that's all they're worried about right now,"- Casey Anthony

    "I'm so angry and disappointed in our country's legal system, it makes me sick." -Casey Anthony
    "I guess you could say I am living for free off the kindness of strangers." -Casey Anthony
    "(Both of my parents are) not working, still, and yet, have the means to travel all over the country and don't feel that they have to explain where or why. Odd, right? -Casey Anthony

    I am so sorry Caylee.

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    IS is saying that JB is trying to imply that the "secret" has to do with ICA sexual abuse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmfstl View Post
    It appears that the DT is going to go for the loving mother who could never kill her child theory now. JB just said he wanted to talk about the gas cans in the shed then jumps right into TL club promoting. Didn't even talk about the gas can thing.
    I agree that its wierd. JB is just jumping all around with his questioning and its confusing, even to people who have followed the case. I can't imagine being a juror who doesn't know much about it and trying to follow him. Or maybe that's JB's plan - If I can confuse them enough, they will acquit.

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    10,057 Ashton going with Mr. George to the Sidebars...yesterday I only noticed Mr George the lone Prosecutor at the sidebar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bon View Post
    I don't!!!
    Casey told Tony that she was physically abused.
    Justice for Trayvon

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    Quote Originally Posted by coeurfragile View Post
    I missed the afternoon session yesterday.. who else was on the stand other than Tony?
    Mostly, TL's roomates and some of the girls who knew KC from Fusion.

    "It's time to tell the story of a little girl named Caylee" Linda Drane Burdick
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    Didn't TonE say that ICA accused GA of PHYSICAL abuse??

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    The secret is probably that KC told TL about sexual abuse.

    Wasn't nice of KC to cry when Caylee is mentioned to TonE. Does she realize he does not give a flying leap about her and would run far far away if she is ever let out of jail?

    Unless I have included a link, it is my opinion and only my opinion that I am expressing.

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    The "secret" came out yesterday and the State quickly squished was did ICA tell you she was abused by GA.
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    Why do I have an almost uncontrollable urge to reach through my screen and grab hold of Baez and shake him till midnight? He really, really annoys me with his smarminess.
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    JB is really not playing fair - what if Tony is confused about what secret it is?

    What is the point if the jury can't hear the secret? He is trying to avoid having KC get on the stand and say out loud that her dad abused her, but still trying to get the abuse confirmed by others. Sort like having his cake and eating t too.


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    It's wishful thinking on my part to hope the secret was:

    "I'm an unemployed high school dropout and can't tell you who fathered my baby. I also steal from my friends and family. My mommy and daddy are mean."

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    Loved when JB asked who taught Caylee Spanish? AL replied 'Dora the Explorer'!

    I think Baez anticipated him saying MOTY had taught her.

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    CM as usual can't hear.

    even a megaphone won't help cm.jpg

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