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    Melissa E testimony

    Quote Originally Posted by wenwe4 View Post

    melissa england on stand . . . In july 2008 she was in orlando visiting troy brown (her boyfriend @ time) . . She didn't know kc before coming . . .knew of her from troy mentioning her . . .troy picked me up @ airport . . Dropped things @ his apt then went to voyage . . . Doesn't remember where it is . . .were going to meet troy's friends. . . Met kc, she was very friendly,outgoing, asking about troy & me plans for weekend . . .stay in orlando for few nights then go to sarasota for 4th of july to see me's friend . . Tb was a valet in hotel downtown . . He had taken off the rest of week . . .but was called in july 3 . . . Kc asked what me's plans were . . .kc offered to take her shopping while tb was @ work. . . (objection-overrule) . . Me accepted her offer . . . They had been @ voyage about 3 hrs. . . Everyone drinking (objection - overrule) including kc . . .no mention kc had a daughter . . .tb mentioned daughter previously but kc never said had daughter/kidnapped/needed help to find her/no indication anything wrong w/kc. Kc talked about getting a tatoo next day . . . Kc asked if me want to go w/kc tatoo . . Me declined . . Met up @ jp's house next day . . Didn't exchange phone numbers or email addresses . . .got in touch thru tb. Sometime around noon . . .tb lived w/sister, kara, then we went to jp's w/tb, kc was already there when we arrived . . .later i saw what kind of car kc had. When i first saw her that day she was happy,friendly, very outgoing. No mention caylee missing/kidnap/anything bad happen. Kc drove a grand cherokee type car . . . Suv . . .she said it was tl's car . . . Hers was in the shop - no other detail about what wrong w/kc's car. Me met ah the night before .. .kc told me about ah lost $ night before when she was sleepwalking . .. . (objection . . .approach)

    Quote Originally Posted by wenwe4 View Post

    me first went to target then to the mall w/kc . . .she heard kc arguing w/someone on the phone. . . Demeanor she was speaking harshly and sounded irritated . . .i overheard it was about $ issues . . . I overheard the word nanny . . . .kc said she had an argument with her mother . . .didn't elaborate on what it was about . . . Kc really liked her boyfriend . . . No mention of her daughter . . . Went to mall . . .shopped @ couple different stores . . . I think she purchased a few things . . . She was on her cellphone on and off all day . . .mostly texting . . One text she said was her work and she was on vacation and they were contacting her . . . She said event coordinator for universal . . Me did marketing for a different firm . . . We discussed event planning can be stressful . . . She didn't say what text from work said . . . @ mall kc never mentioned caylee. . . We stopped by tb's house so i could ready . . Kc came inside with me . . .we left together . . . Troys sister asked kc about caylee . . . Kc said wantd to leave orlando as public school system wasn't as great wanted caylee get a better education . . . Went to dinner that ah worked @ started w/h. Houlihans . . .kc and me went to dinner . . Sat in ah's section . . .sat in her section . . .kc talked about wanting to leave orlando . . .kc liked orlando but thinking bout leaving . . . No mention of caylee, missing/kidnapped . . . Kc was happy . . Talked about tl several times through the day . . .she was excited it was new relationship . . .picked up tb and went back to jp's house, kc had different plans but accomodated to pick up tb from work . . . She told person on the phone she had car trouble and could not go with them , . . .she then threw phone down and said omg i am such a good liar! We were going to bars downtown, i think we all went downtown together . . .tb, me, kc, ah and jp chatt. . . .went to chillers . . .everyone drinking (objection-overrule) kc was same . . .happy/outgoing . . .no mention of caylee . . .we were having a good time . . .kc had several calls . . . Me didn't hear conversations . . . Kc was upset with phone calls . . .she was crying very diswrought, arguing with her (brother or mother) . . .tb told me about phone conversation . . .kc mood changed . . . Very upset . . .crying often . . .several phone calls . . .kc not doing well . . .wanted to leave. . . Taking the phone calls . . . There were times she was trying to get in a good mood . . .eventually she was upset and wanted to leave . . Not in a hurry . . .everyone went home and went their separate ways . . . Me went to tb's house . . .said goodbye to kc outside the bar . . . Kc still upset . . Asking about our plans for holiday weekend . . .me thought they might go bowling on sunday and kc & tl were invited . . . Kc acted as it was good idea . . . No further phone calls or emails nor saw kc after 7/3/08 again.

    Jb you live in north carolina
    me - i live in boston , i flew from boston . . State paid for flight & hotel . . Don't know how caylee died . . .no infor on when caylee died, not where she died . . .
    Jb: Kc not confide in you about missing daughter . . .kc nothing wrong. . .daughter was deceased. . .her childhood, any of her horrors or what she had gone thru (objection-sustained) . . .
    Sidebar for the win!

    Quote Originally Posted by wenwe4 View Post

    me just met kc that weekend, doesn't know if she was good mom, loved her daughter, caylee loved her, nothing except what happened on that weekend.

    Witness is excused.

    Mid afternoon special recess . . . Til 10 minutes past the hour of 3:00


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    You can click on the arrow next to wenwe4's name and go to the area of the trial thread where each witness is being discussed!

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    Casey's head shaking during Melissa's testimony of hearing her say what a good liar she is, is certainly interesting.

    I caught something quiet similar myself during a jailhouse visit.

    Around the 12:21 mark, when the break screen comes up where she cannot see her parents, she clinches her fist, then says.."one more minute" Almost like she only has to keep up lying for 1 more minute.

    It was noticeable to me back when these videos came out, but more so now that Melissa said this today about hearing her when she boasted about lying so well.
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    Does anyone have the link to Melissa's testimony today? I can only find part 8 on Wesh. I wanted to hear the part about KC being proud to be a good liar.


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    I think Melissa England's testimony is going to prove to be very very important. There was so much going on during those few days. Now I need to piece it together with Troy Brown's testimony to see for sure. But, it seems that Melissa's is the first to suggest that things maybe weren't as rosy as Casey wanted everyone to believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twomanywords View Post
    Does anyone have the link to Melissa's testimony today? I can only find part 8 on Wesh. I wanted to hear the part about KC being proud to be a good liar.

    I missed her testimony today as well and would like to see if it if someone has a link!

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    This might be what you guys are looking for?


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    Melissa: class act.

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    Poor girl flies into Orlando for a couple of days and ends up a witness in one of the biggest cases in decades.

    ITA xin. Melissa is a class act.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuziQ View Post
    Poor girl flies into Orlando for a couple of days and ends up a witness in one of the biggest cases in decades.

    ITA xin. Melissa is a class act.

    I agree. I felt bad for Melissa and others who barely knew Casey and ended up being witnesses for this case. Melissa reminded me a lot of Maria Kissh from yesterday. Two classy young women who by association of others ended up noticing things that were off with Casey and Caylee.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Melissa or Maria disliked Casey during the time she spent with them.

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    Here is video of this gal testifying.


    I gotta' say, watching JB is painful. It's some of the worst lawyering I have seen at times.

    I mean, he's trying to use every dirty trick in the book that he can and he succeeds in getting things before the jury that way, but I think it is having the opposite effect on the jury.

    Also, his ridiculous questions to all these witnesses about how they don't know how Caylee died or when she died or where - wth? I guess he's trying to make the point that the state is railroading poor casey because they have nothing relevant to say and yer the state flew them down, put them up, etc. Epic, epic FAIL. They are here to show how casey acted. He needs a new tactic because it is grating and annoying and I'm sure the jury is getting sick of it.

    Finally, I simply CANNOT stand the way he says: "Now, you saw xyz, did you not?" One should never ask "did you not" when questioning a juror. It can be very confusing to the witness and it's something you learn very quickly either in law school or when before the court.

    I accidentally said "didn't you?" once early on in my career and a judge just stopped me short and said "Don't ever use that kind of negative in questioning!" I had learned that in law school, so I knew better and it was embarrassing. It was the only time I did it. Yet JB uses it repeatedly. A better way to cross would be to say: "You saw xyz, correct?" or "true" or even "right?" or "would it be fair to say you saw xyz?"

    Rant off.

    Anyhow, I thought this gal was a pivotal witness due to the statement casey made about being a good liar. Fantastic!
    For Elizabeth, a minor child, a victim. Thank God she is home!

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