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    2011.05.26 - After the jury was dismissed today....

    "But after the jurors left, defense attorney Cheney Mason said he would file a motion for a mistrial. Mason was not happy with the repetitive nature of the state's questioning with regard to Casey's demeanor in the month before Caylee Anthony was reported missing. After some contemplation, Judge Belvin Perry dismissed the motion. "

    Also, Tony L. gave testimony while the jury was not in the room. "According to Lazzaro, Casey said Lee tried to "feel her up" on her chest when she was younger."



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    I wonder how many times the DT will ask for a mistrial in this case?

    And will HHJP allow TL to testify about the accusations against Lee in front of the jury?

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    I posted about this in the Tony L testimony thread Kim, not sure if you want me to move it over here!

    "She's safe. She's in God's loving arms. In a lot of ways, I'm content by the fact that she will never have to have her heart broken, or see the constant negativity that our society breeds -nor will she ever be abused or taken advantage of." -Casey Anthony
    "They just want Caylee back, that's all they're worried about right now,"- Casey Anthony

    "I'm so angry and disappointed in our country's legal system, it makes me sick." -Casey Anthony
    "I guess you could say I am living for free off the kindness of strangers." -Casey Anthony
    "(Both of my parents are) not working, still, and yet, have the means to travel all over the country and don't feel that they have to explain where or why. Odd, right? -Casey Anthony

    I am so sorry Caylee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eidetic View Post
    I posted about this in the Tony L testimony thread Kim, not sure if you want me to move it over here!
    Oh sorry! I must have overlooked it! It's fine to leave there. I mainly wanted to bring this to the attention of those who didn't watch the trial today.

    The issue of the request from Mason wanting a mistrial is still here too.

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    Just IMO, but I do not think was a chance of the mistrial motion being granted.

    As far as TL is concerned, I found him to be very credible. He said good things about Casey as well as the bad. To me, this makes me feel he is doing his level best to be honest.

    I hope TL's testimony will be admitted and before he has to leave to go back home. Surely testimony such as this would be taped if not allowed in now. Simply reading it into the record would not have as much an impact, IMO.

    **I really don't believe Casey was sexually abused by George. JMO
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    I so wish the jury had seen Tony testify. There was no cockiness about him. The judge questioned him directly, and you could tell he was uncomfortable recounting the details, but he did a great job. ICA was NOT a happy camper.

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    It was taped! In session, wftv, HLN.... I sure the media would love to help out!! ; )

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    Wow! I didn't know you could ask for a mistrial because you didn't like the line of questioning! I bet the SA could ask for one based of the bull-chit that JB shoveled during his opening statement if that is the case. moo

    It Was Ancient Aliens!

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    What?! CM wants a mistrial because HE doesn't approve of the questions from the State?! Well, by all means then, that's enough for me.

    Dear Lord! I really believe this man in not in possesion of all his faculties. For real.

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    I believe he was asked to stay over. He was "excused for the night" is what I read, so that implies to me that he will possibly testify in the morning. But, I don't know the actual answer. Maybe someone else knows?

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    IIRC....TL said that she told him that story about LA late June or early July so that is after Caylee died.

    I figure she was planning ahead and thinking about setting LA up OR maybe that was an excuse as to why she couldn't stay with LA instead of TL. I wish they had questioned TL about the circumstances in which the conversion came up.

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    Glad to see a post on this because I just caught a second of it on Nancy Grace and for those of us who did not get to watch, it was definately something that needed pointed out. I found him very credible and respectful of the situation....I cannot say enough how glad I am that he said he DID NOT believe the accusations against GA. That something I hope the jury is allowed to see.

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    While CM was begging for a mistrial, I was watching the Casey cam on wftv. I couldn't believe how angry ICA was! She bared her teeth at JB like a rabid dog!! Did anyone else watch that part?

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    How can TL testify without the jury present? Was it for a motion that was presented?? How can this happen? Anybody?????? Buehler???????
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    I strongly dislike George and Cindy.
    But thinking that Baez made all this up about sexual abuse - I just can't contemplate that. Will that affect Baez in the future at all?

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