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    CA - Helena Dobiesz, 55, Seal Beach, 15 February 1998

    I was going through the files on my computer last night and found an article about murder and attempted murder that took place on the early morning of February 15, 1998 in Los Angeles County and Orange County, CA.

    The first two shootings occurred in the around 12:15 am on February 15, when shots entered two homes near Moody Street and Yorkshire Drive in Cypress, California. No one was injured.

    About 20 minutes later, motorist Melody Spicer, 47, was shot in the back while traveling south on a transition road from the San Gabriel River (605) Freeway to the Artesia Freeway in Cerritos. Spicer was able to pull over and use a call box to phone police. She was severely injured, but I believe that she survived.

    About 40 minutes later, Helena Joyce Dobiesz, 55, of Long Beach was mortally wounded on the 7th Street off-ramp from the northbound San Diego (405) Freeway in Seal Beach (this is near where the 22, 405, and 605 Freeways come together. Coincidentally, serial killer Randy Kraft dumped a number of his victims near here in the 1970s and early 1980s). Police found Dobiesz with a gunshot wound to her head and rushed her to St. Mary Medical Center in Long Beach. She died later that day.

    According to LE, both Melody Spicer and Helena Dobiesz drove white cars, according to police reports.

    LE confirmed through ballistics that the shootings were linked and all of the bullets came from the same handgun. At the time in 1998, police didn’t have a motive for the shootings and believed a driver and a passenger were involved.

    I remembered when this happened because, at the time, I lived really close to where the 405, 605, and 22 came together in Long Beach. I also drove a white car. Does anyone know if Ms. Dobiesz murder has been solved? I tried to do a web search last night and found a lot of articles when it happened, but couldn’t find anything about it being solved.

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    I am not sure how common (hopefully not the right word) shootings on freeways are, but I came across this unsolved case in Las Vegas, NV of a young man, Ronald Sanchez, who was also driving a white car and shot to death on a freeway (US 95) in 1997.

    Case #: 970907-0105
    Victim: Ronald Sanchez, 16 yoa
    Suspect: Unknown
    Location: U.S 95 (Westbound) near Las Vegas Boulvard
    Date: 9-7-1997

    At approximately 1:00 a.m., on September 7, 1997, Ronald Sanchez was driving his sister's 1996 White Plymouth Neon on U.S 95. Ronald and a friend, who was in the front passenger seat, had just entered U.S. 95 at Eastern Ave. driving westbound. Another friend and Ronald's 14 year old brother were in a second vehicle traveling to the same location. Somewhere in the area, just before the Las Vegas Boulevard exit, they heard gunshots. Ronald sped up while the passengers ducked. Ronald was hit once in the back and started to loose consciousness. The friend took the wheel and using a hand to apply the brake was able to pull the car to the side of the road at the on-ramp to Interstate 15 (Northbound). Ronald was transported to the University Medical Center-Trauma Unit where he died from his wound. No one saw the person(s) responsible.

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