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    George Anthony's testimonies

    This link is to the videos on day one of the trial:



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    Quote Originally Posted by chiquita71 View Post
    hhjp: Received in evidence.

    Ja: As you go though refer to diagram. Okay?


    ja: You went to shed, lawn equip?


    ja: Which shed that is? Far right corner?


    ja: Playhouse? What is that?

    Caylee's playhouse got prior to second birthday.

    Ja: Is that a pool?


    ja: Other shed?

    Bikes, plant things things for our pool.

    Ja: Patio is enclosed screned?

    Yes, enclosed screne.

    Ja: What happened?

    The lock was broken off and the door was open three inches

    ja: So what kind of lock was on it?

    Small master key lock, nothing extravagant a key to open it. The shed had a eye lit plastic connection and i slid it though to lock it.

    Ja: Was shed broken

    just eyelit pieces

    ja: Was anything missing?

    The lock was inside the shed and i thought it was unsusal. Tools the blower edger and generator and i look above where i keep gas cans and they were gone.

    Ja: Just the gas cans?

    Just the cans

    ja: What was your response?

    I shook my head and said why take gas can? I need to make a report this could be hearsay but neighbors do talk gas from cans in area...if they are found i will get them back.

    Ja: Who did you call?


    ja: Time?

    By 10:30, a deputy came within a short time, he was nice i explained what happened.

    Ja: Make a report?

    I filled out a report. Said worth 50 dollars.

    Ja: Did he make a investigation? Dust for prints

    he made report.

    Ja: How long was the deputy there?

    Five ten minutes

    ja: What did you do about your plan to do yard work?

    Had to put on hold when to buy new gas cans and went to tell the burners what happened.

    Ja: Did you get your lawn mowed that day?

    I did not get it mowed that day.

    Ja: From june 16th to this point had you seen casey?

    I don't remember seeing her from the 16th to report.

    Ja: Did you see her that day?

    Shortly after 2:00

    ja: Normally you would be at work?

    Yes interview wasn't until 6 pm

    ja: What led up to you seeing casey?

    I had come back from back and was easing into my thought process about the interview.

    Jb: Objection


    ja: In your living room?


    ja: In your living room tell us what happened next.

    The garage door goes up and here is casey coming in the house.

    Ja: Is you concerned about who is coming in?


    Ja: When you first saw casey where was she?

    Near the door area

    ja: She was coming through the garage? Is that where she came thru?


    ja: Were you happy?


    ja: What was her reaction

    somewhat surprise on her part

    ja: Conversation?

    Yes, where is caylee? How are you asked about her, how is caylee at has mom been talking to you. She was a little evasive but she was rushing.

    Ja: Upon seeing casey, did you become to suspect she might know something about the gas cans?

    I had thought the gas was used without my knowledge and it does not evaporate that quickly. I asked casey about it, she said i don't know what you are talking about, i didn't have gas to mow and she said aww dad...i have seen indications of spill marks on the particular sunfire she has

    ja: You thought she had maybe taken the gas?


    ja: What did you do?

    I wanted to question her a little more about, i was planning to rotate my wife's tires i do those kinds of things at home, the jacks to hold the car up casey had them back there. I said casey i need something from your car. She said what do you need from my car. Dad i will get it for you. Casey i got the key.

    Ja: You have a key?


    ja: Talk here and there very nice conversation cordial. The garage door is open and kc brushes past me and says dad i'll get it, she nearly runs to the back of her car. I say, okay a little funny time now between me and her. Casey opens the trunk and gets the cans and says i hate to say this "here's you ****ing cans" i said why she said i needed them. I been having problem with car, i run low on fuel, i don't have money. I picked up the cans and set them on the freezer and told her we would talk later. I was motified and i wanted to talk later, i had caught her with them.

    Ja: You were annoyed.


    ja: Her car was it in the garage or in the drive.


    Ja: Smell anything?

    The smell of gas cans

    ja: So you got your cans back, what did kc do then?

    She backed out of drive way and i didn't see her again.

    Ja: ?

    Mom knows about it.

    Ja: Had you told your wife?

    After i made the report i called her it made her chuckle a minute...i told cindy yes.
    Quote Originally Posted by twall View Post
    back to yesterday's gas can testimony, don't mean to beat a dead horse but i was really, really curious about the pictures and ga's state deposition so i did some digging to re-fresh my memory.

    State’s prosecutors conducted their deposition of george anthony on august 5th, 2009. The august 1st, 2008 photograph of the gas can was brought up during that deposition.

    Here are the photos of state's exhibit 3. The first photo is from the deposition, you can see the green exhibit tag on the edge of the photo. The second picture is the same only clearer.

    george's testimony clearly states he was shown state's exhibit 3 and he insists he did not put the tape on the can.

    Beginning on page 159…

    q let me show you the next photograph. Let me show you state’s exhibit 3. Do you recognize what that’s a photograph of?

    A it looks like a gas can.

    Q do you recognize it as being a gas can of yours?

    A yes.

    Q …was that one of the gas cans that was involved in the incident on the 24th with casey taking the gas cans? Was that one them?

    A yes. I mean, this is the gas can. It looks — – looks like the one that was taken on the — the one that i reported taken from my shed.

    Q now, that gas can appears to have a piece of duct tape on it. Do you recognize that?

    a i didn’t put the duct tape on there.

    q do you recognize it, though?

    A i recognize this can, but i didn’t put that duct tape on there. i wouldn’t do a sloppy job like that.

    Q okay. Have you ever seen that piece of duct tape on that can before?

    A not this particular size, no. No, sir.

    Q have you seen that duct tape in a different size?

    A i put duct tape on there one time myself because the plastic cap that was on there was broken off. But when i did it, it was very methodical when i put it on there because it was very neat.

    Q all right.

    a i didn’t do that right there.

    q you didn’t do that.

    a no. I didn’t.

    q …so at some point you say you had put a piece of duct tape over the vent of the can; is that correct?

    A yes. I did. Yes.

    Q …when would you have done that?

    A i don’t know when i specifically did that, but i know that i did it. Because whenever i put the duct tape over that particular vent hole that you’ve described or you told me about, i did it very neatly. I would not have put something on there like this. That’s not my style.

    Q okay

    a i would not have done that.

    Q but you do recall that particular can having duct tape in that particular area; right?

    A that would go over the vent; yes.

    Q and do you recognize that duct tape that’s on that can?

    A no. I mean, to me it’s just duct tape. I never looked at a particular brand or anything like that. No. I never have.

    Moving on, george contradicts himself on when he put the tape on the can.

    Q this photograph was taken august 1st of 2008, according to our records. When you got this can from casey on the 24th, did it have duct tape on it?

    A did not.

    Q it did not.

    A did not.

    Q did it have duct tape on it the last time you saw it before she took it?

    A as far as i can remember, yes.

    Q so it had duct tape and then when she brought it back, it didn’t?

    A yes.

    Q…did you use that gas can between the 24th and the 1st?

    A no. I did not. I went out and bought new cans.

    this is a lie^^^^simon burch stated ga used the can to put gas in the sunfire at the impound lot on july 15, he described the can to a t!

    q why did you do that?

    A because i needed to get gas for the lawnmower and stuff that i had and i didn’t have these in my possession.

    Q oh, so did you get gas on the 24th, you’re saying or bought gas cans on the 24th?

    A i think a day or two after that. I went to — and purchased a couple new gas cans.

    Q okay. Casey brought the gas cans back on the 24th and you put them in the shed. Why did you go and buy new ones if those were in the shed?

    A because i had purchased them just prior to that. When they were gone — i didn’t — i did not see my shed was broken into until the 24th.

    Q right.

    A i had purchased cans prior to that, two plastic cans i still have in my possession, jeff.

    Q okay. But why did you buy them if you did not yet know that these were missing?

    A okay. I’m going to be very, very blunt with you. Don’t try to confuse me.

    george uses the "don't try to confuse me" line when he gets caught in a lie and does not want to answer!

    q okay. I’m just trying to understand if you get the cans back without the duct tape over the vent hole that you had previously had on them, why you wouldn’t have replaced it.

    A because i didn’t go get any gas in it. I would only replace that if i had went and gotten gas in it.

    Q so between –

    a the gas cans were — this gas can was empty when i got it back.

    Here is the photo george testified yesterday he was shown during the deposition. This is the photo jb could not ask about because it was not admitted into trial evidence. I cannot make out the writing on the green exhibit tag or when the photo was taken (after caylee's remains were found?) but it must have been after it was taken the first time and fingerprinted because it has fingerprint dust all over it and it was taken on a tile floor (in the anthony's porch?).

    Again, the first photo is from the deposition, you can see the green exhibit tag on the edge of the photo. The second picture is the same only clearer.

    which photo was george shown in the deposition? In his testimony yesterday he says he was shown the photo of the dirty can and he insists he did not put the duct tape on the can in that photo. Also, in his deposition he states he does not recall the date he put the tape on the can but in yesterday's testimony he stated he put it on right after casey returned the cans on june 24.

    To me the tape looks to be the same in both photos. Anyone else have an opinion or find a way to measure it or enlarge it to see the details better? I am terrible with images and photoshop stuff, anything would be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wenwe4 View Post

    GA on Stand w/JA . . certified letter @ post office found note on front door on Sunday . . .from Johnson . . .GA didn't recognize name . . . GA couldn't get letter on Monday just got new job . . .on Tues he went to Post office . . (objection-overruled) got letter around noon . . on envelope Johnsons' towing . . .car had been towed . . .GA remembers an address on 7/30/08 GA doesn't remember address . . .GA concerned . . . though car w/kc in her posession . . .caught off guard . . .last GA knew KC was in Jacksonville FL w/car . . .CA told him that kc out town . . called CA told her he going to Johnsons to find more out . . not far from post office inquired @ reception area . . . normal procedures . . .charge over $500 . . .within 1 1/2 miles of their home . . .no regular phone call saying we have your car . ..2 weeks @ wrecker service . . no call to home as a courtesy . . .CA said she will stop @ bank, get money, CA go home to get GA & title & drivers license . . .GA thought car left someplace assumptions (overrule X2) no call from tow yard . . or kc . . GA brought gas can . . . he has picked her up before common thing to bring gas along . . .CA & GA had title & gas and went to tow yard . . .why so long, why so much $, irritated . . $500 was so expensive . . . they came to an agreement to pay less amount . . .CA was rather forceful she took more conversation . . .both were irritated to take time to get the car . . .transaction to pay ,. . .escorted to car . . .within 3' area of passenger side of car smelled pretty strong odor . . .in GA mind very concerned had smelled something like that years prior . . concerned . . .you never forget that smell . . distinct . . (JA What went through your mind? X3!) GA . . worry about his daughter and granddaughter . . .(voice cracks slightly) @ same time . . . hoping everything ok . . .didn't want to believe what smell . . not think too much ahead . . . reminded him of odor of human corpse . . .GA said at least 2 or 3 different sets of keys for each vehicle, spare set keys, no damage to passenger side or front of car . . locked . . .unlock it . . .look inside interior . .opened door odor more intense . . .no blood in car . . .didn't appear any one injured . . GA didn't see daughter. or GD in car made him feel better . . .reached over passenger window roll down . .start car . . .turn over quickly . . .both said out of gas . . .got out of car went to trunk . . looking for damage to car . . just prior unlock trunk . . .please God dont let this be KC or Caylee . .(GA voice cracks . . kc stoneface)

    SB grabbed & pull out trash bag from car . . .no body in trunk . . .more relieved . . senses were telling him werenot true . . very thankful (voice cracks. . . big sigh. . kc stoneface) . . .GA noticed pizza and arm & hammer could see thru plastic. . .GA never touched the bag . . SB thought that was the smell and walked over to dumpster and tossed it in there . . .GA remembers going back to other veh. they had driven . . got gas came back w/tow operator . . .rain that day kept windows down . . drove to front gates met up w/CA they left . . .garbage bag was out but smell was still in car . . .drove home 1 1/2 miles windows down . . could n't drive w/windows up . . .no way . .. met up w/CA @ gate . . doesn't remember when comment about smell . . said get car home . . emotional state @ that time . . .get going .. leave the area . . .GA wasnt concerned about Caylee missing on 6/24th . . .emotions greater hadn't seen 16th June last time saw kc was 24th June . . 15th of July very concerned . . .proably had conversation w/tow guy . . .don't remember today . . got home around 2:00 or thereafter . . .CA followed GA home. . .pulled into garage . .open sunroof/window/trunk air it out . . raining outside . . conversation w/wife why car was there . . .why not talk to kc . . .no Caylee going to new job. . .lots of things . . .washed all the cars and vac them every weekend . . even his sons car . . changed oil rotate tires. . .GA thing to do . . .Dad's stuff. . .stain on spare tire cover . . never seen . . GA notice slight circular stain near spare covere . . .somewhat subtle . . .not black about size basketball . . .rough guess size. .liquid spill? (object-) vs. powder on surface (object leading/overrule) almost like a circle can't say liquid or powder . . .interior of car in normal condition . ..car was messy inside . . .(JA laughs maybe by your standards) . . .technical difficulty exhibit I . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by wenwe4 View Post

    jb asks if GA can step down to calendar . . . writes 13th July date he got USPS letter from front door . .. JB asks how long it takes for mail to go a mile in a half . . . GA doesn't know . . .not noticed the letter . . .CA found the letter @front door . . .JB wants to know where exact on front door . . .GA didn't see it . . .July 6-12 didn't use front door . . .not main entrance . . didn't see notice from street . . no other documents or papers on doors . . .vanilla yellow color . . .residential mail delivered down the street . . . GA usually gets mail . . CA usually gets home 5-6 usual schedule . . .GA leaves between 2 and 2:15 GA finished one job start work for another company . . .GA generally pick up the mail (JB being short & curt questioning) . . .GA thought he and CA were spending more time together that week as he thought she was home . . .entire week spent @ the home . . only 1 notice that car was towed . . (2nd notice . . .object not in evidence . . sustained again sustained) GA not aware if 2nd or 3rd or final notice came to the home . . .(fact not in evidence) JB are you aware if you received any other notices at your home . . NO. 1 notice.

    clearly see front door of the door, back off the road. . u or c shaped home front door is back a little . . can see front door basically from road . . .GA wasn't asked if he called Amscot that date . . GA called later after he got to his work in early evening . . GA curious about that . . .after drove car home and went to work . . .didn't call Mr. Birch and tell him call Amscot . . no way Mr. Birch would know car was at Amscot for 3 days . . .GA did not tell him . . .went home waitfor CA to meet to go to tow yard had taken gas cans . . .usually do that ? past experience told me to take some gas . . .JB what tow yard had you taken gas to? GA said knowledgable wh at to do . . JB: lucky thinking? lucky guess (object- sustained) fortunate guess . . .(object-sustained ) JB will move on . . .

    Gas can have duct tape? GA doesn't remember which cans he took . . . (X3) . . . no recollection from 7/15/2008 that gas can had duct tape on it round cylinder had for 20 years . . .GA said doesn't remember which gas can . . . (asked & answered best ability . . .HHBP explain doesn't remember which one took)

    GA last he saw kc 24th of June . . .far as he could remember . . . (quiet in court . . .JB setting up the Calendar) . . . .3 1/2 weeks since spoke to daughter. . . arrived @ tow yard very concerned for granddaughter . .two most precious things in your life . . . telling people about missing granddaughter . . .No . . .Didn't tell anyone granddaughter was missing . . . didn't know she was missing . . .GA said hadn't seen grand daughter or daughter . . concerned for the well being . . .before the car? GA doesn't remember exactly when the conversation . . .after July . . .weekend when LA went downtown to look for kc . . .active participation on behalf of wife & son to find KC. . .on this date GA is concerned . . ."elevated state" as compared to the 24th . . .more concerned . . .smelled human decomp in the car . . . never forget . . distinctive . . .smelled as detective many times . . . got in the car before open trunk asked SB to walk around and open trunk w/GA (GA said no I didn't ask him) . .. 7/24/08 statement to LE page 23 . . . .lines 20-22 . . . JB reading to the jury . . . "no George . . .something wrong got to find out now . . ." . . .(JA can we approach? yes!)

    First parts.

    REMEMBER: You can click on the arrow next to wenwe4's name and go directly to where this information is being discussed on the trial thread!

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    5/27/11 - second part

    Quote Originally Posted by wenwe4 View Post

    JB wants GA to admit he wanted to be distanced from any part of this case. . . GA asking if he could have some length . . .JB yesbut please answer . . . GA said if I did ask that . . .I would have been a stand up guy . . .I would do something if I thought something really wrong I would do something . . . trunk open (while you were a good guy) .objection -sustained . . .opened trunk already had smell . all I found in trunk of car was bag full of garbage. . . said a silent prayer . . .oh please don't let this be my kc or cayleee. . .. smelled even stronger smell of human decomp . . already smelled it prior to getting into car . . . trying to answer your question . . all I found in trunk was plastic bag with garbage . . .not asking what found . . .opened trunk even stronger smell of human decomp . . got weaker? no . . .you are not going to trick me . . .I already answered you . . .smell of human decomp . . .not asking what you saw . . .what did you smell? GA looks to JA and said come on! Mr Ashton cannot help you . . . GA said I will answer you 4th time NO.

    As a police officer smell that smell before (you brought up my background not me-GA) . . .I didn't know was evidence at that time . . haven't seen Daughter or Granddaughter . . . did you call 911 . . .GA I never called 911 . . I didn't call police or my daughter . . . to inquire about her or Caylee @ the time . . .know if you smell potential body in car . . you know as detective that is a crime scene . . . I wasn't detective @ the time . . .wish there were alot things done . . .

    if you move that car with evidence you are tampering . . . GA if I would have known @ the time . . . JB move that car - destroy potential evidence . . .gA if I knew @ the time evidence . . .drive car home . . .air it out . . .go to work . . don't call police . . .don't tell other security officers @ job . . car smelled of dead body (object- argumentative - sustained) . . .

    GA I didn't mention anything about my personal life @ work to anyone . . .same evening police arrived @ home . . .wife call police . . . .(object-sustain) . . .smell of car . . (object-sustain) . . .Jb I would cite v .. . go after this date to go to LE for a private discussion with LE about smell in this car . . .7/24 statement . . .did you go there

    do anything to bring daughter & granddaughter home . . . told LE about the smell . . part of investigation . . .refresh recollect show transcript . . . lines 2-4 . . . told them about experience . . . (sidebar? not right now) . . . smell like that out in woods in car like that in a house . . .6 months before she is found in woods. . .object-hearsay. . .approach

    Quote Originally Posted by wenwe4 View Post

    JB: you knew Caylee was dead . . .that is why you didn't question
    GA NO
    distance yourself . . .objection . . .sustained . . .
    DT done - subject to recall . . .

    JA . . .follow up on JB questions to you . . .object - commentary . overrule . . .JB asked you about distancing yourself from evidence . . . hypothetical . . .if Caylee drown . . . you took her body and hid her in a field . . .or dumped in swamp . . .there would be no evidence in the car would there? (objection-out of scope . . overrule) nothing for you to run away from would there? C
    Witness stand down? Mr Baez that is what I asked . . .
    GA you may step down . . .

    note (Deputy moves close to JB . . .)

    Recall Anthony L . . .

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    HHBP instructs jury that the last question of threat of felony prosecution will be withdrawn and his answer of 5th amendment....witness excused

    JB calls GA....
    Do you know Crystal Holloway...know her by another name also - River Cruz...she came to our command center, volunteered @ command center, and helping find our granddaughter...she was absolutely just a volunteer...no different than other volunteers...were you ever romantically involved with her? no sir that is funny,...were you intimate with her ...no sir - also funny...did you borrow money from her...no.....went to her apartment 2 or 3 times with a guard @ gate.....she lives in condo....security entrance gated community...weeks or few days before .....she has a brain tumor - she was dying ...be being a good guy I became connected to her - I visited her during daytime hours never @ night - give her some compassion...were you supposed to be working when you went to visit her during the day? Object - approach

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    Defense calls George Anthony.

    JB: Mr. A do you know a woman by the name of Crystal Holliway?
    I know her y that name and another name.
    What name?
    River Cruz.
    GA:She came to our command center on to help in the search for our granddaughter. She was a friend or someone who would help find our granddaughter. She worked at the command center.
    JB: Was she just another volunteer?
    GA: Of course, she was just another volunteer.
    JB: Did you have a romantic relationship with her?
    GA: No sir. that's very funny.
    JB: Were you intimate with her?
    GA: No sir, that's also very funny.
    JB: Did you ever borrow money from her?
    GA: No.
    JB: Did you ever go to her home?
    GA: On two or three occasions and i can explain that.
    JB: Did you have to go through a guard gate?
    Yes, and I can explain that too.
    JB: Why did you go to her apartment?
    GA: She doesn't have an apartment, she has a condominium. We had a conversation because she related to me that she had lost someone ?? who died and she needed someone to comfort her. And because she helped me and my family, I felt I could give back to her.
    JB: Were you supposed to be working when you visited her during the day?

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    George Anthony 6/28/11



    Crystal Hollaway? I know her by River Cruiz. She came to the command center in October of 2008. He knows her as someone who volunteered and maybe as a friend and someone who was going to help them find Caylee.

    She was just a friend, no different than any other volunteer.

    He did not have a romantic relationship with her. To him that is very funny and he was never intimate with her. He never borrowed any money from her.

    He went to her house on 2 or 3 occasions.

    You know you have to pass a guard gate?


    She has a condo, not an apartment. When you go there, it's gated - you have to show ID.

    The first time he went there was based on a conversation in which she related to him that she has a brain tumor and was dying and she needed someone to comfort her. He felt that being a good guy that, because she was helping them, it was the least he could do would be to show her compassion or respect. It was always doing the day.

    Were you supposed to be working when you went to see her?

    OBJECTION - JA - may we approach?

    SIDEBAR #4 (10:57-10:58)


    Were you supposed to be at work? He didn't have an exact work schedule - just started new job - his employer was very lenient.

    You weren't going there for any romantic interlude?

    OBJECTION - asked and answered - OVERRULED

    He went there just to console her.

    She also explained the brain tumor to CA. CA did not go to her apartment, but CA knew he was going there.

    Prior to finding Caylee, did you tell her Caylee's death was an accident?

    To this day, he never found her. To say that I had said something to her that something snowballed out of control? That did not happen. He would never confide to a volunteer. He has always given info to LE and attorneys as honestly and freely as he could.

    You never told CH that this was an accident that snowballed?

    OBJECTION - asked and answered - SUSTAINED

    Your answer was no?

    OBJECTION - asked and answered -

    So the record is clear. Yes or No.

    He never told her this was an accident that snowballed out of control.

    Did you ever send her a text message that you needed her in your life?

    He did send many texts to volunteered and he agreed he did send her this text.

    Did you ever leave her any letters that you were trying to speak with her?

    It is possible he left her a letter in an effort to cheer her up and make her feel comfortable in her life with what was going on.

    Did you at any time tell her not to say anything about her affair with you?

    OBJECTION - assumes facts not in evidence - OVERRULED

    Sir, I never had a romantic affair with CH or RC. She has a questionable past and she also has been arrested for fraud and breaking and entering.

    OBJECTION BY JB - move to strike

    I did not have an affair with her, so the answer is NO.

    Are you aware she never said anything about the affair until the police came to her?

    OBJECTION - assumes facts - SUSTAINED

    How many times did you talk to her on the phone between Oct and Jan? He did not know - once, twice, ten times.

    He did not believe he spoke to her late at night. He did not believe he would.


    When was it that you knew this lady? He met her at the command center at the skating rink some time around mid October 2008.

    After Caylee's remains were found, your relationship ended? Yes, it did.

    Did you ever tell River Cruiz that while your daughter was home on bond that you grab your daughter, threw her up against the wall and said, I know you did something to Caylee...... No, I did not.

    Witness excused subject to recall. (11:06)

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    HHBP - objection overrule-
    JB -when you visited her were you supposed to be @ work.
    GA - my hours were flexible for employer - just put in the hours
    JB-just visit her for brain tumor? GA - yes she explained that to my wife...only person went to her apartment was you not your wife? my wife knew where I was....did you ever tell RC or KH that Caylee death was an accident that snowballed out of control.....that is false....I never confided to any volunteers - I gave information to LE, DT or SA gave that info freely..
    Never told RC accident snowballed out of control (object- asked & answered sustain X3)
    so record clear is the answer yes or No Mr. Anthony?

    GA ask one more time? JB never told her an accident snowballed out of control...ever sent her text messages that you needed her in your life....I sent many texts to many volunteers that I needed them in my life....did you ever leave her letters?

    GA on one occassion I left a letter - cheer her up, make her comfortable, yes I did - don't see anything wrong with that....

    JB - just a moment - talks to dS who shakes head no...

    JB back @ podium...did you @ any time ever tell her not to say anything about your affair? object-overrule
    GA I never had a romantic relationship with Krystal Holloway....she has been arrested for fraud, questionable past....objection

    I did not have an affair with her so the answer is no.....JB - didn't say anything to LE about your affair with her until....object

    how many times talk to RC ....dont know how many times once, twice, don't remember....ever speak to her @ night? don't remember don't know could have but I dont believe so....no

    JB - no further questions


    JA- when was it when you knew this lady...
    GA -met her @ command center mid Oct 2008 near skate rink...
    after Caylee's remains found your friendship ended...yes
    ever tell RC that when KC was home you grabbed her by throat, threw her up against wall and said "I know you did something to Caylee - where is Caylee?"
    GA no never did that to my daughter

    witness stand down

    DT calls CA

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    JB: you sent her a text message?
    Yes sir.
    JB: Did you ever leave her any other letter to let her know you tried to speak with her?
    I don't remember the contents but I tried to cheer her up and help her go through her circumstances.
    JB: Did you ever tell her not to have her affair with her?
    I never had a romantic aware with Crystal Holliway or River Cruz. She's been arrested for breaking and entering etc.
    Did you ever tell her not to have speak about your affair with her?

    I'm going to say it again. I never had an affair with her, so the answer is no.
    How many times did you speak with her on the phone?
    I don't rememer. Maybe once, maybe twice.
    Did you speak to her late at night?
    Not that I can remember. I don't believe I would.


    JA: When did you know of his lady?
    Third week of October 2008.
    JA: After Caylee was found, your friendship with her ended?
    Yes it did
    JA: Did you ever tell RC when your daughter was home on bond, you grabbed her by the throat, threw her up against the wall, and said, "Where's Caylee? "
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    Cindy Anthony - 6/29/11



    Jury coming in (9:03)


    Do you remember an issue several years back involving an incident of LA going into ICA's room at night?



    Were you every aware of such an issue?


    DId you ever have to deal with such an issue?

    OBJECTION BY LDB- may we approach?

    SiIDEBAR # 1 (9:04-9:09)


    Do you recall testifying 6 months ago that you believed Caylee was still alive?


    Were you testifying truthfully? Yes, there was still a part of me that still believed she was alive.

    The Memorial service was in February of 2009 and she requested Caylee's remains be cremated.

    And 2 years later you still held the belief that Caylee was still alive even after that?

    OBJECTION - relevance -- SUSTAINED

    Was your ability to block that out faith?

    OBJECTION -relevance - SUSTAINED


    OBJECTION - relevance - SUSTAINED

    On 8/14/08 you visited ICA in jail? Possibly.

    You reviewed a video tape in which she told her that GA blew up at the media?

    Yes. She told her daughter that.

    This was in response to a question that the media had asked his opinion that Caylee had died by an accident?


    Related to an accident?

    OBJECTION - relevancy - SUSTAINED

    Why did you tell your daughter about your husband blowing up?

    OBJECTION - relevancy - SUSTAINED

    You expressed that this was a new theory? Yes.

    You said the new theory is that Caylee drowned inthe pool?

    It wasn't a new theory, it was the media's statement.

    A month early on July 16 you had told YM about that? On July 16 she told him the pool ladder was attached to the pool.

    OBJECTION - leading and relevance - SUSTAINED as to leading

    Did you tell the police numerous times about your theory?

    OBJECTION - releance - SUSTAINED

    I said it wsa the latest story from the media. It wasn't the first time we had discussed it to LE.

    ICA even said that, after you had mentioned GA had just blown up at the media - that she had heard? She said she was aware - that she had heard her father had just blown up at the media. She did not know if that was true or not. She could have heard that from someone in the jail. She is aware there are no TV's in the jail.

    There were numerous occasions you had made LE aware of the ladder? Yes.

    You were aware that the info was being released to the media?

    OBJECTION - relevance - SUSTAINED


    You recalled her daughter's response was "surprise, surprise"? That was related to the media's theory?

    OBJECTION - strike last question - OVERRULED

    When you went into the jail that day, you were upset as well, because the media was suggesting that Caylee was deceased? Yes, they were asking how they felt about Caylee drowning in their pool because at that time she believed she was alive.

    No further questions.

    Witness excused at 9:19

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    GA on stand.

    JB: Do you recall a statement you made in July 24 in reference to your LE experience saying "we caught people out in the woods in a car ..."?


    GA: I'd like to know the question prior to that sir.

    JB shows GA the question in the depo.

    JB: Do you remember making that statement, sir?


    JB: How did you know your granddaughter would be found in the woods six months later?


    GA: You're asking about my LE experience. Nothing about my granddaughter Caylee. You're taking that out of context, sir. That's asking about my LE experience and my recognizing the smell of decomposition. That's out of context sir.

    JB: Your statement was in relation to smelling decomposition in the woods?

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    JB: Mr. A. did you tell LE that you smelled human decomp in the woods before.
    Yes, up in Ohio.
    JB: Mr. A. did you tell LE that you smelled human decomp in a house before.
    JB: Mr. A. did you tell LE that you smelled human decomp in a car before.
    Now you had actually walked that area in the months before Caylee was found, did you not?
    I can explain that.
    And you were walking down that area.
    I walked in every street I could, specifically in my area.
    Were you also not spotted in another wooded area during that six months?
    (rephrases several times)
    In October we were finding another command center, and yes I was in (a certain location) near a wooded area.

    July 15, 2008 you pulled Det. Melich aside and said the car smelled?
    Not the 15th of July.
    The 16th of July...?
    I was hysterical, I was upset, I demanded answers.
    You were hysterical and upset?
    Yes, I most certainly was.
    After Det. Melich spoke with Casey, did you tell him something happened to Caylee and you insisted Casey was lying?
    GA: One and one adds up to two sir, I knew my granddaughter was missing. I was told someone forcibly took Caylee from my daughter. I was running on pure emotion. Was I upset and falling apart at the moment?

    You told LE that you had smelled that car and smelled human decomp.
    I was 100% positive.
    Did you also tell them that Casey lived on the edge?
    I'm not sure, but quite possibly yes, my daughter did live on the edge.

    Argument over phrasing of question from depo.
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    measured by how they regard animals.

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    Back from commercial

    GA: I was not undercover sir, I was a father concerned for his daughter and and also for my granddaughter.
    And you were aware your daughter wanted to be bonded out? Weren't you not?
    And the reason she was not bonded out is you wouldn't want to put up the house as collateral?


    In 2008 you testified against your daughter to the grand jury, did you not?

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    JB: So you testified in your depo that the car contained decomposition?
    That answer speaks for itself. I could smell decomposition from 3 feet away. When you relive stuff over and over you try to give the most complete answer you can. Was it decomposition to me? Yes. Was it my daughter or granddaughter? No.
    And you testified it was human compositon?
    It was maggots and stuff like that in the bag in the back of that car. I have been honest about what I saw and hear and went through that day. Neither my daughter or granddaughter were in that car and I'm grateful for that.
    And your depo for that day say it was the trash, did it not?
    You're trying to take this story of my life away from me and you can't do that sir. The smell in the back of that car was decomposition sir. My experience of 10 years in LE

    And then you went to work sir, did you not? After smelling this smell...
    After I knew if wasn't my daughter or granddaughter, I left and went home. Did I go to work, yes. I also told Le many times about what I can remember and experienced on that day. I am not ashamed of what I did on that day.
    When you made this statement in your deposition you were in a media blitz, were you not? Didn't you advocate the innocence of your daughter when you made this blitz?
    Possibly I did. I don't want to believe back then that my daughter was capable of taking the life of her daughter.
    JB complains to judge about answer.

    In Jan 2009, you attempted to commit suicide. Did you?
    Yes sir I did.
    And you left a suicide note.
    Yes sir, I did.

    JB: Were you hospitalized after. And within a week again making media appearances?
    Yes, possibly I did.
    And you were making them to advocate the innocence of your daughter?
    And do you remember making $20,000 on 48 Hours?
    I have tried to answer your questions to the best of my ability. It had nothing to do with guilt or innocence. we did that for self-preservation. I did everything I could to bring awareness of what my granddaughter meant to me, my wife, and my son.
    Was that the focus of the interview?
    While you were advocating for your daughter's innocence, did you make any appearances on the early shows?
    Maybe I did but we always wanted to bring attention to my granddaughter.
    And all of these interviews stopped when allegations of abuse came around.
    I believe that was through you, sir.
    Do you remember finding out another way?

    The purity of a person's heart can be quickly
    measured by how they regard animals.

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    George Anthony 6/29/11



    Regarding your statement of your law enforcement experience, do you recall saying you chased bad guys into the woods?

    OBJECTION BY JA - reading from something not in evidence - SUSTAINED

    He did not recall the statement being discussed. He was shown the statement and asked to see the question prior to that. He now recalls making that statement.

    How did you know your granddaughter would be found in the woods 6 months later?


    GA: You are asking about my law enforcement experience and that is being taken out of context.

    JB: Your statement was about smelling human decomp in the woods?

    OBJECTION BY JA - not impeachment - Approach and bring the statement.

    SIDEBAR #2 (9:23-9:29

    Did you tell the police you smelled human decomp in the woods before? Yes, I had experience in Ohio. He also told them he smelled decomp in a house and in a car before.

    Regarding the woods, the wooded area off of Suburban Drive while Caylee was missing, he walked the perimiter because JA (John Allen) brought a stuffed animal and said he retrieved it at the end of the street and that was when GA went for a walk.

    Were you not spotted in another wooded area?


    Were you not in another wooded area?


    In October of 2008 - wooded area?


    He was looking for a site for their Kid Finder tent and he was at a wooded area off of Hoffner and Lee Vista.

    On 7/15/08 - when LE first came - you pulled YM aside and told him the car smelled? GA - That was done on the 16th. He talked to him about so many things at that time.

    You were hysterical and upset the night the police were called? Yes I was.

    After YM brought ICA back, he did not pull him aside. Did you go to his car and tell him that something that had happened to Caylee and ICA was lying?
    He said that because ICA was the last one to see her.

    On 7/24 he told LE that he had smelled the car and had smelled decomp.

    He may have said that ICA lives on the edge.


    On 7/24 - ICA takes the lies as far as she can take them?


    On 7/24 do you recall saying that ICA lives on the edge and takes the lies as far as she can take them?

    OBJECTION - rule of completeness - YOU CAN DO IT ON CROSS - May we approach?

    When asked the reason your daughter doesn't want to tell us ..... My daughter ives on the edge, all the lies and contradictions, my daugther takes things as far as she can take them? He said if it is written, he said it.


    Do you recall saying nothing but negative things about your daughter? Apparently - I was trying to give LE all the info we had.

    He went to see her in jail after that. He did not say those things to her because he was trying to keep her upbeat and to keep her as happy and as comfortable as possible. You were throwing her under the bus and...


    He was cooperating with LE on one day to assist in finding Caylee and the next day he was trying to keep his daughter upbeat.

    So you were under cover of sorts?


    He was aware she wanted to be bonded out.

    She couldn't get bonded out because you wouldn't put the house up?


    Grand jury testimony?


    SIDEBAR #3(9:41-9:44)

    He told LE he was 100% certain he smelled human decomp in the trunk of his daughter's car.

    8/5/09 depo - Do you recall being asked...

    OBJECTION - page and Line?

    Page 20

    Depo answer - Not human decomp.

    OBJECTION - rule of completeness - GO AHEAD

    JB read GA's depo answer.

    OBJECTION - rule of completeness - READ ENTIRE CONTEXT

    JA - counsel needs to read through page 22.

    JB - I would request that I be able to conduct my examination.

    HHJBP - Rule 1.8.1 requires you read it.

    JB - continues reading depo answer related to conversation with tow yard guy about the smell of decomp.

    JA makes JB keep reading from depo regarding the garbage bag in the trunk.

    Do you recall testifying in your depo that you did not believe that the smell in the car was human decomp? He feels his answer speaks for itself. He could smell the smell from 3 feet away. When he opened the car, it smelled like human decomposition. It was not the garbage.

    On 7/24 it was human decomp and on 8/9 - it was the trash? He stated he did not say it was the trash. There WAS trash in the trunk with maggots. He has tried to be completely honest about what he saw and observed. His daughter and granddaughter were not in the trunk of the car.

    There is a difference between trash and garbage.

    He said decomposition. JB is trying to take the joy of his life away from him! The smell on 7/15 smelled like human decomp and his knowledge of law enforcement gives him that opportunity to know what it is.

    That is why you called 911 then? I didn't call 911. That's why you drove the car home?


    And then you went to work?


    And then you went to work? After he knew his daugther and granddaugher were not in the trunk, he took the car home. He was concerned. He did go to work.

    He is not ashamed of what he did that day.

    OBJECTION BY JB - nonresponsive - OVERRULED

    You were on a media blitz?


    On 8/09 did you advocate the innocence of your daughter? He did not want to believe his daughter could do this.

    OBJECTION - nonresponsive - next question

    You attempted to commit suicide? Yes sir I did.

    You even left a note? Yes sir I did.

    You expressed guilt?


    You expressed guilt?

    OBJECTION - Question withdrawn - SUSTAINED

    He was hospitalized. He is not sure what he did shortly thereafter. Media blitzes to advocate daughter's innocence? He can't recall what he said.

    Do you recall being on 48 Hours and being paid $20,000 for that appearance? GA saying he has been nice to JB and tried to answer all questions and for what he and his wife might have retained from a news organization to bring notice to missing children - they did it for self-preservation - not only for Caylee..

    OBJECTION BY JB - non-responsive - OVERRULED

    What was the focus of the interview?

    OBJECTION - relevance - SUSTAINED

    Appearances on the Early Show? Possibly.

    All media interviews stopped when the allegations of abuse started? I believe that was through you. Do you recall finding out another way?

    OBJECTION - relevance may we approach - you may

    SIDEBAR# 4 (10:01-10:05

    15 minute recess to 10:20

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