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    Mallory P.'s testimony

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    Mallory Parker

    All rise for the jury.

    HHJP: how many of you are hockey fans. did you really want to see that lightening game? Sure you don't want to see a basketball game. Due to bright house networks you can see a hockey game. You will be able to see the hockey game tonight.

    FG: How old?


    works, customer service rep. for about a year and a half.

    FG: been together since 2006?


    FG: in 2008 were you and Lee a couple?


    FG: how would you describe your relationship during that time with Casey?

    not close but kept in touch

    FG: arguments or problems with Miss Anthony?


    FG: Cindy?

    good, close to her but not as close now.

    FG: you knew Caylee?


    FG: were you aware that, did you notice that Casey was not at the house?

    not in june, in july

    FG: Lee received a call...


    FG: did you contact Casey?

    text message

    FG: when did you text Casey?

    a day or two before the fourth of july weekend

    FG: what did you ask?

    if she was in downtown Orlando

    FG: day or night?


    FG: july 3r any further attempts

    I dont' recall if that was the date, but we were downtown with Lee and Danny Alveraz

    FG: where did you go downtown?

    a club on church street, it is a street downtown with bars and clubs it is popular.

    FG: when you Lee and mr A went down town you knew Casey was there?

    got info from friends and family

    FG: was there a club she was at?


    FG: when you went to that club did you see the defendant?


    FG: did you try to contact her thru phone?

    yes, five maybe six

    FG: did she respond?

    some of them

    FG: what were you asking?

    to meet her downtown just to meet up

    FG: what did she respond?

    she did ask if I was with Lee, thru further conversation she said she did not want the family to worry about her she just needed some space.

    FG: ask about Caylee?

    asked if she would bring baby to family get together and she said she would try.

    FG: how would you describe Lee's demenor?

    he seemed focused but frustratited and concerned.

    FG: while you were texting CA was Lee also trying?


    FG: did they have a convo that night?

    yes sir

    FG: after the text messages did you try to call?


    FG: how long downtown?

    not long, stayed in one place on churchstreet.

    FG: ever locate Casey?


    FG: after those text messages on July 3, did you ever exchange other texts?

    no, I don't believe so.

    FG: on the phone?

    I don't believe so

    FG: during this time where you with Cindy?

    I don't recall.

    FG: George anthony?

    I don't recall

    FG: state of mind or demeanor?

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    JB: you are aware you went looking for Casey because Cindy was requesting this, right?


    JB: without telling us what was said to you...


    JB: now you testified under direct that the reason you went downtown was because Lee wanted to go there. you went there at Lee's urging. You understood you were both going there under Cindy's urging, not George.


    JB: did you ever see Caylee going up to Casey?

    all the time

    JB: affection

    all the time

    JB: describe how Caylee loved her mother

    it was amazing, very special bond ( I am laughing so hard right now)

    JB: did it appear genuine?


    JB: did she go without food?

    John 14:6

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    Mallory Parker will be the next witness . . . how many hockey fans? Sure you don't want to see a basketball game . . . Britehouse networks will provide the game tonight to jurors

    MP, age 27, customer svc rep 1 1/2 yrs now, engaged to LA, met LA late '06, brief period in early 2007 they broke up, knew kc 6/08 & 7/08, not extremely close to kc, close to CA . . she is closer to CA now, same w/GA. . . . knew Caylee, in early 7/08 kc was not @ house . . . LA got a phone call from CA . .

    MP tried to text kc a day or 2 before 7/4 weekend . . . asking if she was downtown Orlando . . @ night . . . not sure if it was 7/3 but they made attempts to find kc w/LA & Danny Alverez . . . went to a club downtown Church Street . . .clubs & bars on both sides of streets . . . thought kc was downtown . . .received info from friends & family kc was downtown . .. specific club @ 10 pm, didn't see kc when went downtown . . text messaged her . . .text 5 or6 times . .. asking if she was downtown see if we could meet up . . . she never stated she was downtown . . . kc asked if MP was w/LA didn't want family to worry about her just wanted some space. . . not directly mention Caylee . .. if she would be bringing Caylee to family weekend function . . kc said she would try . . .LA seemed very focused/frustrated/concerned . . . LA was also trying to get ahold of kc as well . .. had a conversation that night . . .stayed downtown a couple of hours . . .stayed in 1 place mostly . . .checked one other place . . .stayed on Church street. . .never located kc, after 7/3 - 7/16 no more texts to kc from MP . . . .don't recall if she spent time w/CA or GA, the A's state of mind or demeanor during 7/08 . . .(JBbjection - sustained)


    JB: went looking for kc because CA was requesting this . . . (objection- sustained MR. BAEZ) without telling us . . . .looking for right words . . . reason you went downtown because LA wanted to go there . . . not GA . . . @ CA urging . . . not GA . . . .opportunity to view KC & Caylee . . .see Caylee run to kc? all the time . . .
    Caylee loved her mother . . .(MP tears) . . .it was amazing . . . very special bond . . . Caylee never went w/o food, not neglected, kc didn't strike/torture/harm Caylee in any way . . .Amazing relationship.

    REdirect . . .

    Witness excused

    Proud member of the AFKBPOFPOPL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pink Panther View Post
    I missed Mallory's testimony. Does anyone have a link where it can be watched?
    Some of it is here: http://www.wesh.com/video/28046952/detail.html
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