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    Quote Originally Posted by KALI View Post
    Did Campbell and her son go to the beauty salon to kill her together?
    Who did the beating and strangulation?
    One or both?
    Anyone know?
    Whichever, this is one for the books!
    ID Discovery's series "Women who kill" should be all over this case.
    But, as she's apparently changed into a man. Now what? "Men who were once women who kill"?
    Sheesh. Once again, life proves stranger then fiction.

    I would love to see author Ann Rule write a story about this one!
    Me too! Perfect story for her.

    As far as the son, it has not been made clear exactly what his role in the murder is. We don't know if he actually helped with the killing or if he is just a conspirator. We will have to wait and see. I was under the impression at the beginning of the case that Lynn Benton was the one who finished the job after Campbell did the shooting. Benton worked right across the street from the beauty parlor/crime scene and was working that night. I will be following this case closely.
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    The mother of murder victim Deborah Higbee Benton filed a $900,000 lawsuit against the dead woman's husband, former Gladstone Police Sgt. Lynn Edward Benton...

    Benton is being held in Multnomah County where he faces a drug charge. His murder trial is scheduled for February 2015 in Clackamas County. Benton will be tried with two accused accomplices, Susan Ellen Campbell and her son, Jason Jay Jaynes.

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    More of the drama unfolds.....


    Prosecutors will rescind their plea deal with Susan Ellen Campbell, one of
    three people accused of plotting and carrying out the murder of Debbie Higbee Benton.

    One of the victims, now an adult, is serving time at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility where Campbell is serving time on a drug charge. Campbell allegedly pressured the victim to not testify against Jaynes, according to court testimony.
    Why in the world was the Mother of the accused serving time with one of his victims?
    “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice,
    but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”― Elie Wiesel

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    Jayson Jay Jaynes, a Gladstone man implicated in a 2011 murder-for-hire conspiracy, was sentenced to nearly 15 years in prison for sex crimes involving underage girls...

    The sex charges stem from a party in 2000 where he had sex with two girls -- one was 12, the other 15 – and a separate ongoing sexual relationship in the late 1990s involving a 13-year-old girl who lived in his neighborhood... Jaynes' actions had some impact on "how the girls turned out later in life," Wentworth said. One is in prison; another spent years as a prostitute.

    "There is no remorse for his actions. Never. Not once. Instead, he joyfully reminisces about his sexual conquests of children and paints himself as a victim of the system that attempts to hold him accountable," Wentworth said in his sentencing memorandum.

    Lynn Edward Benton, a former Gladstone police officer accused of murdering his wife, will not face trial on drug charges in Multnomah County, a judge ruled. Multnomah County Circuit Judge Kenneth Walker ruled that there was not probable cause for the searches and that the evidence seized could not be introduced at trial.

    Benton's attorney Patrick Sweeney said that Susan Campbell has become a major stumbling block in the defense's trial preparations, because it is not clear whether she will be a defendant or prosecution witness.

    Campbell reached a plea deal with prosecutors in 2012; she agreed to testify against Jaynes and Benton in return for a 15-year term. But Campbell withheld information and prosecutors increased her sentence to 16½ years. They may rescind the plea agreement...

    Jaynes told Smith that Campbell shot Higbee-Benton in the back, documents show. She survived, so Jaynes "took care of the (expletive)"... Jaynes added that he was "doing (Benton) a favor" because Benton allegedly helped him avoid prosecution for sex crimes committed several years earlier.

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    A Clackamas County judge said Friday that she will defer a decision on whether to sever the trials of Lynn Edward Benton and Jason Jay Jaynes, who are accused of killing Benton's wife in 2011.

    In the meantime, Circuit Judge Kathie Steele said, prosecutors must decide later this month if they will call a third defendant as a witness against Benton and Jaynes or try her on murder charges...

    Steele will rule on both matters after a hearing on Feb. 24. Steele also ordered prosecutors to decide by Jan. 23 whether Campbell will be a witness or will face trial.

    Jaynes and Benton are scheduled for trial on June 2.

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    The 82-year-old father of a former Gladstone police officer was sentenced Wednesday to two years of probation for possessing child pornography.

    Roy Benton's crime was discovered because police were investigating his son, Lynn Benton, who is charged with aggravated murder and scheduled for trial in June...

    Roy Benton also is facing federal child pornography charges. He is scheduled for trial in federal court in eastern Washington in April.

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    From July:


    Jaynes was convicted last year on several counts of third-degree rape, sodomy and sex-abuse charges last year and sentenced to nearly 15 years in prison. He goes to trial in June 2016 in the murder conspiracy case.

    Benton is scheduled for trial in February.

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