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    Body Lang. Expert, Dr. Glass on Tony testimony


    "Tony leaks out sadness when discussing Caylee being at the mall with Casey while he was there handing out leaflets. His pursed lips indicated that he didn’t want to discuss it as it no doubt brought back a sad memory."

    "Here we see Lazarro leak out some anger as he talks about how Casey talked to him about the fictional people at work and mentioned Jeff and Zanny the Nanny. His curled lower lip shows upset at how he was duped by Casey."

    "When their trip to Blockbuster was brought up Tony gets a case of the “itchy scratchies” which indicates that he is uncomfortable talking about it. This was the time that Caylee went missing and he was with an alleged murderer who showed no difference in behavior and demeanor as they checked out movies."


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    Interesting! I love Dr. Glass ♥
    She provides a whole new outlook

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    Interesting... from Dr. Glass

    If George Anthony is accused and tried for sexually molesting Casey, he could easily follow the same fate. So Mark Lippman, the Anthony’s defense lawyer , filed a motion if to force Jose Baez to proffer to the court how he believes he will establish the allegation George molested Casey to support his defense theory.

    If Casey or someone who knows of this allegation doesn’t get up on the stand and attest to this, then Judge Perry can refuse to allow Baez to ask questions about George’s alleged sexual misconduct towards Casey . That means that their defense of Casey is pretty much over. They will have nothing to hang their hat on, in terms of explaining why Casey behaved so badly and constantly lied about everything. That means Casey would have no other choice but to take the stand.


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