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    Lealon D. Russell a repeat SO

    Mr. Russell pled guilty to 20 counts of possession of child pornography. Police seized computers, DVD's, memory sticks etc from his home and duffel bags. He was sentenced to 3 years.


    His previous crime? He sexually assaulted an 11 year old.

    Here is what gets me about this case, as well as the low sentence that is: Mr. Russell's defense attorney argued for 5 years probation saying "the previous conviction came when he was 21 and drunk, and that he has been sober for 20 years."

    I just want to get this straight in my mind...Mr. Russell should have probation because he was drunk when he sexually assaulted an 11 year old child, and he is sober now.

    Clearly his sobriety is not preventing him from victimizing children-or does this defense attorney believe that child porn is a "victimless" crime?
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    In other words, what's his excuse now?

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