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    Deputy Adriana Acevedo's testimony

    HHJP: Were all these videos made available to the defense and did defense have opportunity to review these?
    JB: Yes. Generally speaking, yes. We've had them - that's why I'm raising the objection.
    HHJP: We've had numerous hearings - and if memory serves me correctly, the week before we went to Pinnelas County, I offered to hear whatever motions ya'll needed to have heard, and there were motion deadlines -- why were no motions filed objecting to the admissibility -specifically the order provides non-forensic scientific legal motions requiring - there was a discovery cutoff that all motions must be heard I think prior to December 31st 2010.
    JB: The answer to that is - in defending this case we have been faced with numerous types of issues - we've had to prioritize those issues and the practice of our craft has been one in which we have addressed more important first and many issues come up at a later time - many things at an initial glance we don't pick up on... the moment I thought there would be an issue - I spoke with LDB - we tried to resolve - I realized we wouldn't have a resolution - we haven't been sitting around doing nothing - litigating tooth and nail for the last 3 years - doing best we can with resources we have - we have not sat on - an issue that has come up - I'm aware of - I brough tit to the proper parties - and I think in a timely fashion. It's not after this evidence has been presented - I don't think it will bre presented for sevearl days off.
    HHJP: Let me get to the point. The pretial order specifically provided all motions dealing with non-scientific evidence that required no testimony - these motions should require testimony because videos spoke for themselves should be heard no later than 12-31-10. There are numerous cases stands for the proposition if you fail to provide a motion to suppress in a timely manner you have waived that objection unless there is something you didn't know at that particular time, so.... as always - you can pose an objection - going back & forth for prolonged objections - you can ake your short objection relevancy if you feel it's not relevant or some other thing - but problem with you doing it at this date is simply there is no time to redact the portions that you're talking about. That's why we have deadlines. Ya'll had 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 excluding Ms. Finnell - 5 laywers sitting over there who have had ample time since December - we'll take a brief look at it - but you may have waived any objections - it may not be timely - let's move on. Who is the state's next witness?

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    WFTV Bill Sheaffer: "This is on the job training in a first degree murder trial." (speaking of Baez whining that there was too much to do and he didn't file the motion until now.)

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    Deputy Acevedo is on the stand right now. Talking about taking statements the evening of the 15th, along with going to the Sawgrass apartments.
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    Adriana Acevedo
    LDB: How employed?
    AA: OCSO. A little over 5 years
    LDB: In 2008 what was your role/assignments?
    Sector II road patrol on afternoon shift
    LDB: Include Hopespring Drive?
    AA: Yes
    LDB: Did you respond to call at 4937 Hopespring Dr. on 7-15-08?
    AA: Yes
    LDB: Arrive after Cpl Fletcher?
    AA: Yes
    LDB: Does OSCO keep record of dispatch times of officers?
    AA: Yes
    LDB: Opportunity ot review record?
    AA: Yes
    LDB: Do records or memory allow you to tell us when you arrived at that residence
    AA: Yes. I arrived at 9:52 p.m.
    LDB: When you arrived, was Cpl. Fletcher in house?
    AA: Yes. I walked towards front door - met with him at door asked him for specifics what was going on inside residence.
    LDB: Once you got a briefing, did you seek to take written statements from individuals inside home?
    AA: Yes
    LDB: Did you provide statement forms to GA, CA, LA and ultimately ICA?
    AA: Yes I went to vehicle, brought copies of forms, brought inside with me.
    LDB: Did Sgt. Hosey arrive?
    AA: Yes
    LDB: Was he directing your actions?
    AA: Yes

    LDB: What time did you being the escort (ICA)?
    AA: 11:50 p.m.
    LDB: ICA got into your vehicle?
    AA: Yes
    LDB: What type?
    AA: Marked patrol car. Sat in rear of marked patrol car. Was not under arrest. Was not hadncuffed.
    AA: I asked her if she was willing to go with me in my vehicle. She advised me yes.
    LDB: Your understanding she was taking you to last location she saw her child?
    AA: Yes
    LDB: Anyone you transport not under arrest do you take further steps once in vehicle to make sure they continue to be their voluntarily?
    AA: Yes
    LDB: What steps?
    AA: Keep verbal communication - how are you doing - if anytime you don't want to be in vehicle please advise me.
    LDB: Any point she tell you she wants to go back to her residene, get out, anything of that nature?
    AA: No
    LDB: Where did you go?
    AA: To Sawgrass Apts. On Conway - exact numerical have to refer to my report. 2863 South Conway Road.
    LDB How long did it take to get from Hopespring to Conway?
    AA: Only a few minutes.
    LDB: Can you tell from reports of OSCO or do you recall what time you would have arrived at Sawgrass?
    AA: Exact time notated in call log - would have to look.

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    LDB: Arrival time at Sawgrass?
    AA: Time of arrival 5 after midnight.
    LDB: What did you do at Sawgrass?
    AA: Arrived at apts. She advised which apt. exactly it was then returned to residence.
    LDB: Did she direct to specific location?
    AA: Pointed to specific apartment. Me and Cpl. Fletcher.
    LDB: When y ou were directed, who was telling you where to drive.
    AA: ICA
    LDB: Did she tell you where to stop?
    AA: Yes
    LDB: What apartment # ?
    AA: Listed in report - #210.
    LDB: ICA make any statement as to what happened at #210?
    AA: I don't recall her making any statements
    LDB: Ask her if she was certain that was the location last seen daughter?
    AA: Yes. She was certain that was the apartment.
    LDB: You left there and went to another location
    AA: We returned to her residence.
    LDB: Did you recall when you returned to Hopespring?
    AA: Yes. Records show return time is 25 after midnight
    LDB: What happened to ICA?
    AA: I let her out of vehicle and she returned to the residence.

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    Acevado w/LDB
    Patrol Acevedo w/OCsO...7/15/08 Hopespring drive...after Brendon Fletcher arrived.....reviewed records of OCSO arrived 9:52 pm.....Corp. Fletcher was in the house...met him @ door for specifics of what going on inside residence...provide statement forms and provided to LA,GA,CA and KC...after her arrival Sgt. Posey arrived....told to escort kc to location 23:53 hrs 11:53pm.....kc got into Acevedo vehicle...marked patrol car in the rear seat...not handcuffed or under arrest....willing to go with Deputy.....taking to last location where she saw her child.....asked kc if she was fine...ok being in vehicle.....ok if she wants out of vehicle....went to Sawgrass Apts.... on Conway . . .refer to her report for numerical....took a few minutes to get there....exact time notated in call log....12:05 just after midnite....arrived @ apts....kc advised which apt it was...we returned to her residence....pointed to an apartment and directed Dep Acev. and Corp. Fletcher to it....told them where to stop.....Apt #210....kc make statement of what happened there? don't recall.....kc was certain that was the apartment.....left there and returned to her residence...returned to Hopespring Dr.
    @ 12:25 after midnight......kc returned to residence....


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    LDB: Miss A got in your car?

    yes, in the rear

    LDB: was she under arrest? handcuffs?


    LDB: was she willing to go?

    I asked her and she said yes.

    LDB: you were taking her to the last location where she saw her child?


    LDB: anyone who is not under arrest, is there anything you do to make sure they are there volentarilly

    yes, ask if she is fine, if she did not want to be in car, please advise.

    LDB: does she tell you she wants to go home or get out of car?


    LDB: where?

    sawgrass apt.

    LDB: what is the address?

    I don't remember

    LDB: can she look at her notes?

    gives address

    LDB: how long did it take to go from Hopespring to Conway rd.

    only a few minutes

    LDB: do you recall what time you would have arrived at sawgrass apt.

    the exact time is noted in the time log

    LDB: may I approach the witness?

    HHJP: you may

    LDB: take a look at that call log for time you arrived at sawgrass apt.

    the time of arrival is five after midnight

    LDB: what did you do at sawgrass?

    I arrived, she advised exactly which apartment it was, and we went back to the residence. She pointed and directed us to that building.

    LDB: when you were being directed who was telling you where to drive?

    Casey Anthony

    LDB: she tell you where to stop?


    LDB: what apartment number?


    LDB: did she make any statement as to what happened at apt. 210


    LDB: did you ask if she was certain that was the last location she saw her daughter?

    yes, she was certain

    LDB: you left there and went to another location?

    to her residence

    LDB: what time?

    the record shows 25 mins after midnight

    LDB: what happened with miss anthony?

    she got out of the car and went inside.
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    Dep Acevedo & JB....
    smelled an odor ....don't know from car or garage.....human decomp? (object-sustained establish foundation).....garbage type odor best description......didn't think CSI needed to be called....not Dep. decision to make.....Dep. Ace didn't call CSI....

    LDB - said you didn't notice if car or trunk open .....passed the vehicle entered residence thru garage door....how close not sure.....garbage type smell ...any experience with human decomp odor? not a lot experience....don't have opinion either way with experience have...

    JB....when came back with kc how much time spend @ house.....another hour...roughly 3 hours..... 4 officers...... (lost feed)

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    JB: when you arrived the mrs anthony what was her demenor?

    she was upset

    JB: mr george anthony?

    calm quiet

    JB: what about Casey's demenor?


    JB: just like mr anthony?


    JB: was miss anthony handcuffed?


    JB: placed in back of you car?


    JB: to sawgrass?


    JB: how long in house before you went to sawgrass?

    two hours

    JB: did you see the pontiac sunfire?


    JB: trunk open?


    JB: smell odor?

    I smelled odor car? garage?

    JB: anything that was human decomp?


    JB: can you described the odor?

    garbage type odor

    JB: you at no time was alarmed to think that CSI needed to be called?

    no my decision to make

    JB: you never advised that CSI be called?

    no sir

    JB: nothing further

    LDB: you said you didn't notice if the car trunk was open, have any idea how close you got to the car?

    I passed the car because I went into the residence how close I do not know but I passed by it.

    LDB: you said garbage smell is that because you do not have experience on decomp?

    not a lot of experience

    LDB: you feel comfortable giving an opinion since you have such little experience?


    JB: when you came back how much time did you spend at the house?

    over and hour but would have to check

    JB: so almost three hours


    JB: how many LE did you see?

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