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    PA - Quincy Thomas, 4, starved to death, Cumberland County, 27 July 2002

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    That's all they get in prison. NOT ENOUGH!

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    Involuntary? Anyone, I repeat, ANYONE that watches or ignores a child's welfare in terms of food, clothing, cleanliness, school, doctor visits is VOLUNTARY based on their NEGLECT. When the child is YOUR child it is CRIMINAL.

    I am so sick of this Involuntary, misdemeanor approach to these MONSTERS and SICK, EVIL INDIVIDUALS called Parents. I don't care how they were brought up, how young they are ....cruelty to ANY LIVING BEING...-ESPECIALLY CHILDREN shows a heart of stone.
    So many clowns, too few circuses.

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    more informaion...

    Doctor: Boy 'not critical' when admitted to hospital

    Couple accused of starving 4-year-old now face food stamp charges

    Thomases get 5 to 10 in son's death

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    Where is the justice?
    this is just my opinion, it may be wrong, user beware!

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