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    In my own reality...it's nicer here.
    Jeffrey Hopkins

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    JG - is your name Jeffrey Michael Hopkins? No. Knew ICA in middle school. Didn't know if ICA had a crush on him in middle school. He thought she was attractive. He didn't have "puppy love eyes" for her. Just a mutual attraction. He was contacted by LE immediately. Told them he didn't have a child named Zachary and that he is not rich from a trust fund and did not have a girlfriend named ZG, didn't introduce ICA to ZG. Denied plans to move in with ICA. Told them this was all fiction.

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    Jeffery Hopkins

    HHJP: Let's return the jury

    FG: how old


    FG: met?

    middle school

    FG: stay in touch through 2008

    in passing

    aquaintenses, not very good friends

    FG: work at universal?


    FG: ?

    never worked there when Casey did, does not know zanny, does not have a child, never lived in Jacksonville


    FG: while there you saw casey?


    FG: go with her


    FG: speak with her?

    yes, I haven't seen you in a while and that's it.

    FG: hear from her after that?

    mass text messages about going to fusian

    FG: did she ever tell you that ZFG had taken her daughter?


    FG: were you aware?


    JB: is your name Jeffery Micheal Hopkins?


    JB: middle school?


    JB: have a crush on you?


    JB: did you have a crush on kc?

    she was a attractive girl

    JB: mutual attraction of some sort?


    JB: contacted by LE immediately?


    JB: you let them know you did not have a child named zack?


    JB: not rich from trust fund, and do not have a girlfriend named ZFG?

    John 14:6

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    Jeff Hopkins w/FG on Stand, age 26, met kc in middle school, stayed in touch thru passing til mid 2008...acquaintances not very good friends.....worked @ Universal 1yr in 2002, doesn't recall seeing kc @ Universal....never introduce kc to ZTN, doesn't have kids, always lived in Orlando, never NC or Jax,.....saw kc @ Waterford Lakes Ale House on 7/2/08 with 2 friends....didn't plan to see her...hi how ya doing haven't seen you in awhile, exchanged #'s, he received mass text messages to go to fusion, never told JH that ZTN took her daughter, he knew she had a daughter - she mentioned it....

    JB w/JH.....name Jeffrey Michael Hopkins? no.....did kc have a crush on you? did you have crush on kc in mid school.....she was a pretty girl ...a mutual attraction....JH doesn't have a child named Zach...not rich from trust fund.....didn't have girlfriend or introduce ZTN to kc, no knowledge of mom to Zach died......not going to move in w/kc and Zach.....all these stories one great fiction.....it is not this JH.....

    no info on what happened to Caylee on 6/16 nor have info on her death..

    FG- spoke w/LE once @ his house and once @ OSCO - weeks or months later...
    Don't know anyone named ZFG.....

    excuse witness

    Proud member of the AFKBPOFPOPL

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