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    TX - Mom burned child's face with iron for "reading book wrong," police say

    Police: Houston mom burned daughter's face with iron (Houston Chronicle)
    A Houston mother is accused of burning her 10-year-old daughter's face with an iron because she wasn't reading a book correctly.

    On April 11, 42-year-old Hope Askew was ironing clothes at her northeast Houston home, when she burned the left side of her daughter's face twice with the iron, according to court records.

    The daughter said that Askew became upset with her when she "wasn't reading the words correctly in a book," court records say.
    more, including mug shot, at link above

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    That "mother" sucks!

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    so tired of these POS people breeding victims
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    tlcox--It's surely a horrific crime and I hope the punishment will be swift. But I remember my mother, who is 86, telling me about a girl she went to school with in a tiny Texas town. The child was forced to put her fingers on the burning hot iron whenever she got "in trouble". Their teacher would bandage the burns. All those years later, my mom still recalled how sick it made her. I doubt, though, that anything was done in the 1930s. Sadly, there have always been and there will always be monstrous parents.

    Thank God that society is taking a far closer look these days.....most of the time.

    How I hope that child isn't permanently scarred. It gives me shivers to think of the pain.

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