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    LA Citizen rescues a 2 year-old girl left in a locked car

    Just a few days after a 3 year-old died here after he was left in a locked car all day ...

    A citizen on Thursday smashed a window of a car in Algiers after discovering a 2-year-old girl was inside with the windows up and the doors locked, police said.

    "It appears the child may have been in the vehicle for at least 30 or 40 minutes," officer Shereese Harper said. "About 1 1/2 hours later, the temperature was taken inside the car. It was 80 degrees. Obviously, it was a lot hotter earlier."
    The mother was booked with second degree cruelty to a child and child desertion.
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    I am glad this little girl is okay!

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    it's hot out there folks... be on the lookout when you are out shopping, etc. and do NOT hesitate to take action if you see a child alone locked in a car.

    the same goes for animals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bessie View Post
    Just a few days after a 3 year-old died here after he was left in a locked car all day ...

    The mother was booked with second degree cruelty to a child and child desertion.

    "Mother" Sha'ron Hudson admitted to leaving the child in the car because she was discussing personal problems on her cell phone?????? What? Where do you go with that? You locked your baby in a car in this heat with all the windows up and locked and you went where with the phone?

    Poor little Winston died like that. Poor baby. Thank goodness many citizens stepped in to help this little one.

    You need to discuss personal matters on your phone uhhh don't lock your baby in a car weather it's cold or hot or what? She ought to be thanking those folks for saving her child.

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    Its so hard to have words for this kind of thing. The high temp here today was 102 and I dont know what the actual heat index was.

    I am so glad someone spotted the little girl.

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    This is so sad. I am not a mother, but had my 4 year old niece for the day and we had her mother's car. We went to a fast food place and when we came out, I put my purse in the front, strapped her in the seat and promptly closed and locked the door, locking all the doors. I looked at my watch for the time (summer in Fl) and ran in to call 911 because this was before cell phones. People in line to order were laughing at me! I was so upset! Fire truck and ambulance came - they couldn't believe I knew exactly how long she had been in there (dive watch of course w/bezel). But they had to break out the side window of my sister's car to get her out. At least there was a funny, the fireman didn't know how to get her out of a car seat and as she sat there holding her soda on top of the bar, when he released it, it raised and dumped her whole soda all over her. THAT's when she started crying. I'll never forget that's when she got upset, not that we couldn't get her out.
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