What an absolute shame.. poor kitties. Visit the link to see all the photos



A disturbing discovery was made Wednesday inside a South Anchorage home. Police found more than 200 cats and other animals inside, living in unsanitary conditions.

Neighbors thought something was wrong with the septic system, saying they've been smelling it for years. The stench coming from a house on North Circle prompted a nearby resident to call the police this week to find out what was wrong.

“I opened the door. I was really shocked. There were just cats everywhere,” said Officer Jackie Valdez (left), who was first on the scene. “At first, my estimate was at least 100.”

That estimate soon jumped to at least 200 cats, plus several dogs, birds and even chickens. Officer Valdez says all of them were living in their own waste, with little food and no clean water.

“Just a filthy place. It didn’t look like the toilets had been flushed in a long time. Standing water in bathtubs. It didn't look like it would be usable at all,” she said.

Unhealthy conditions. Officer Valdez had to grab her gas mask to continue sifting through the house.

“There was one particular little tiny gray cat that was wondering around, and these bigger ones kept messing with it. And it was making me sad. So I picked it up, and one of its eyes was really, really infected. So I brought it out to Animal Control, and they said they were most likely just going to take it back and euthanize it right away.”

At this point, Animal Control is still assessing the situation, working to get the owners to surrender the animals. They are also trying to determine the number and condition of the cats.