View Poll Results: Will there be any spinoff trials from this one and if so who will be involved and why

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  • There won't be any spinoff trials

    153 51.34%
  • Cindy

    45 15.10%
  • George

    30 10.07%
  • Lee

    14 4.70%
  • Jose

    91 30.54%
  • The emu with "bombshell" evidence.

    10 3.36%
  • Dominic

    9 3.02%
  • Hoover

    2 0.67%
  • A member of the media.

    5 1.68%
  • Leonard Padilla

    7 2.35%
  • Definately Jose, CA for pejury, if by the slim chance there is a mistrial against ICA

    9 3.02%
  • Zenida Fermandez-Gonzalez

    7 2.35%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Well I just ask on the lawyer thread if he thought any one had a good case to file suit, he said NO. I ask him if felt anyone else would be charged with anything relating to this case, he said NO.

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    I added Zenida Fernandez Gonzales because from what we know now of the verdict of Not Guilty. Zenida's attorney's can file a defamation of character. Zenida was one of the many victims of ICA, and probably the one that was harmed the most by ICA's lies.

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    I wish. I really wish...
    I'll just move on to good things I guess, for now. However, I still wish........

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    I just wonder if JG, AH or TL have good grounds for charges of defamation on the implications by GA, CA and LA that they were involved in the abduction of Caylee. If they do, I won't be surprised if this happens. Although I still feel some sympathy for the Anthony's I still think they should be held accountable.
    "Every case is a high profile one for me...that's why I examine the head in every case!"

    Dr. Werner Spitz

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    [ame=""]Equusearch may sue Casey Anthony and family[/ame]

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    I'm still mystified by the decision to not charge Cindy with perjury.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Dan View Post
    I'm still mystified by the decision to not charge Cindy with perjury.
    Lawon Lamar decided it wasn't worth pursuing for the money it would cost.

    AZLawyer says it is not unusual for family members to lie on the stand - she said one of them almost always does. And IMO in this case she got obviously caught at it, and IMO it did not affect outcome of the case - only that particular jury managed that.
    When there is Justice - there is Peace.

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