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Thread: 2011.06.08 Sidebar (Trial Day Thirteen)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tracy87 View Post
    isn't it funny:

    all we hear from the media: "innocent until proven guilty", "there is NO concrete evidence", "there is NO proof", yada yada.

    yet, casey accuses her father and brother of sexual molestation (not even in her own voice, but through a third person) with no evidence, no proof, no witnesses, NOTHING. and these defense media talking heads act as if george is ABSOLUTEY guilty.

    very frushtrating. i can't swallow.
    I give half of the talkin' heads a pass on judging Casey's family but in honesty, you're right--they try hardest to be fair to her.

    It is a nasty case and I recall a time when many here, myself included, thought up scenarios and felt deep resentment towards her family--heck, I think most of the country did.

    I can't recall a single case I've followed or watched where there were protesters in front of the home like the Anthony's--not even the JonBenét case with vigil folk.

    I still to this day feel like Lee is a punk, even if I feel less harsh towards him now. I didn't feel much for George when he tried to off himself, either. I thought him VERY selfish. (some of this they did with their own behavior, yes, it was stress and crazy unknowing--but was the same for public--it changed for them, it changed for us)

    Cindy is a tough nut, not the most likeable but she is the person I've been most angry with, but always held the most understanding and respect for, too. She has pulled the heaviest load, for the longest with this family. I hope she quits pulling soon.

    To watch her as just a sobbing head of hair was too much. Her grand baby, her pride-and-joy is gone in the most horrid of ways, now her baby, her precious daughter is on trial for her life.

    This is all real life but yet I've been a sick side-line gawker and I pray this woman can find peace. She can't stop loving Casey no matter what Casey has done, she can only blame herself--dear and bless her.

    Cindy can't stop her love no more than we can stop the sun from shining, that is what being a mom is about--I only pray Cindy can get some tiny peace when this is all over, I also pray this trial is final and she won't need to keep re-living this nightmare.

    I've hated Cindy but I have admired the L out of her, too-- she shows just how defensive and protective a mom will become. Casey has her mother and no matter how wrong---had Casey told the truth--Cindy would have walked hand-in-hand with her through it. Even if she had hurt/killed Caylee.

    Casey was too selfish, self absorbed and fearful (loss of ego fear, not torture) Casey would rather let let parents be tortured, humiliated, her child die--than suffer one discomfort real or imagined. Hell, "chew her arm off" to get away from her daughter.

    God bless Cindy, her family, and may He give Casey just what she deserves.
    Anything and everything I type, is all just my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by passin_through View Post
    I've not read mention of this, forgive if it has already been been mentioned.

    I had O'Reilly on earlier and some woman came on to comment about the case (I was only half listening, so I don't know who she was)

    Anyhow, she called Casey a Mona Lisa! I 'bout fell out my chair! I thought Casey was an attractive girl when all this started, not as much now. But Mona Lisa?!?!

    I think she went a little over the edge there...
    Do you think, since you were only half-listening, you may have misheard her and she actually said 'a moaning liar'?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gngr~snap View Post
    Pardon me please! At the risk of sounding like a total!
    Where are the matriarchs in this union of CA and GA?
    OK! ICA is a bad seed so to speak. What about mommy and daddy? Why aren't their parents coming forward to support the children they produced?
    Where are the great grandparents of that angel and why aren't we hearing ANYTHING FROM THEM?

    IMO this speaks VOLUMES! I get why no one supports ICA. NOT ONE FAMILY MEMBER HAS COME FORWARD ...ATTENDED ANY HEARING to my knowledge ...
    something stinks BIG TIME on HOPESPRING DR.and it isn't Caylee or ICA.
    Those family members know and are PURPOSELY AVOIDING SOMETHING.
    but what and why?
    Quote Originally Posted by Soulmagent View Post
    The media ?
    I may very well be wrong, but I think I remember George's father being at a couple of hearings. Anyone else remember that?

    We know Cindy's father is in a nursing home and the other great grandparents have to be up there in years as well - in their 70s at the least, I would think. For that reason alone, I can cut them some slack for staying out of the public eye. IMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by miss plum View Post
    Do you think, since you were only half-listening, you may have misheard her and she actually said 'a moaning liar'?
    You little stinker! You will have me with the giggles a long time!

    "me love you a long time" (in the spirit of the comment)
    Anything and everything I type, is all just my opinion.

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    Random thought..
    JB may begin his case by saying his opening statement .. was all made up.
    Fiction. Complete fabrication..
    And proceeds to spin The REAL opening, that fits around the prosecution evidence.
    My ticker would pop. hee!
    So much evidence yet to come..
    By closing, it will all be orderly and organised by day and time, down to the minute.
    31 days.
    And I hope it's all on a SUPER mega flip note pad.. Just to make others envious.

    While computer forensics, cell pings, tattoos, fusian,
    the burial site and all its accoutraments from home,
    grave wax napkins, trusted canine searchers, are considered
    as circumstancial evidence, the important thing to remember,
    is that this is a PREPONDERANCE..of circumstancial..
    gargantuan proportions ot it..
    I don't need to see the cookie thief,
    if I can see the chair pushed next to the cookie jar,
    a small sock next to said chair..
    a trail of cookie..
    leading to cookie face..
    Day 14 in just a few hours..Hang in there, Y'all.

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    From the Orlando Sentinel:

    Honest, before the trial, I didn't think she did it," says Maria Hodges, who arrived before dawn to secure one of the general-public seats. "But being here changes my perspective. I could see the coldness in her face. Her eyes looked really dark. You don't see that on television.",615741.column
    Casey Anthony: She lies; we listen; it’s exhausting

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