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    Homicide's what she's charged for, anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donjeta View Post
    I haven't followed the case from the beginning but while I have gathered as much from the WS discussions during the trial I don't feel like her motive has been made clear in the trial by the prosecutors. (I haven't seen all the witnesses though.) Maybe they don't have to if they can make it convincing enough otherwise.
    I agree. Based on trial testimonies we only know that she seemed to be a good mother.

    In some text message Casey wrote "my mother ows me" meaning that Cindy would babysit Caylee so Casey could go out. On the 16th when she had a movie and overnight date with Tony who didn`t want Caylee spending the night, she tried to call Cindy many times but she didn`t answer. Damn my mother ows me Casey might have thought.

    I think the killing was done "on a whim" that night. Think about the consequences and lie your way out of it later.

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    Good lord! This sucker has been unlocked all weekend.

    [ame=""]Come on over here and get some pancakes[/ame].

    I'm gonna see what needs to be cleaned up around here from the weekend bash. Be over myself in just a few minutes.

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