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    Edward Turso testimony (OCSO-went to Suburban Dr. with Roy Kronk and saw skull)

    State calls witness

    Deputy E. Turso - assigned to sector 2.....on 12/11/08 respond to Surburban drive call...arrived @ 9:32 am - intersection to the right very wooded area....met with RK, took into the woods...arrived and Identify self - after relieving self in the woods he thought he found a human skull....actually went past it and came back..didn't touch....left the woods.....notified supv and other deputies.....put up crime scene tape....

    Cross - JB

    Kronk did not advise called 3 times in Aug? (object-sustain) any knowledge of prior calls in 8/08? object-sustain......did you tell RK not to say he had called 3 times in Aug? object - sustaine -move to another question....

    JB to whisper to Cm

    how far did you go into woods? 20 feet or so....past the remains? 20 feet from the street...grass before area that is wooded? don't think there was.....all I remember is a wooded area....don't remember if there was a cleared path before the woods....

    how far did you pass the site.....5' or so....looking and said where did it go? .....white bag? bright red bag? I focused on the skull and the garbage bag....JB to CM.....


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    Dep. Turso....write down your statement....didn't give any other instructions as a police officer? not remember....
    excuse witness subject to recall...

    10 min recess til 10:30

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    JB: Sir how far did you go into the woods?

    DT: Ballpark 20 feet or so.

    JB: And that's where you passed where the skull was, correct?

    DT: No, I'd say 20 feet, I mean, I'm just going off the top of my head. I didn't measure it out or anything like that.

    JB: Okay 20 feet from that street?

    DT: More or less...

    JB: There is also a weed line, is there not?

    DT: What do you mean, "a weed line"?

    JB: *grin* I knew that would be a tough question to answer!

    JB: What I mean is, there is grass that is mowed before you get into the area that's wooded, correct?

    DT: I don't think there was... all I remember is a wooded area. I don't remember seeing a mowed section previously.

    JB: You just don't recall, or your certain?

    DT: I don't remember if there was a cleared path prior to the woods.

    JB: Okay, and when you came back how far did you pass into the woods when you came back?

    DT: When we passed the site?

    JB: Yes.

    DT: I'd say we passed it probably by about 5 feet or so. When he turned around, he was looking a little bit confused like where did it go and then he turned and looked at me and pretty much over my shoulder he said; "There it is.".

    JB: Next to the skull there was a fallen tree, correct?

    DT: There was a lot of vegetation. I can't tell you exactly if there was a fallen tree right next to the skull.

    JB: Any there was also a white bag?

    DT: A white bag?

    JB: Do you recall seeing a white canvas bag?

    DT: No.

    JB: Do you recall seeing a bright red bag?

    DT: I focused on the skull and the garbage bag that was next to it.

    JB: Okay, if I could just have one moment Judge.

    HJBP: You may.

    (sidebar to commercial break)

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    Crime scene photos coming in. Warning if audience cannot control emotions to please leave.

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    Deputy Edward Turso



    He was the first officer on the scene and RK never told him he had called crime line in 2008.

    No further questions.

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