Polish police officers are to be given a cash bonus for every criminal they catch.

It's part of the force's attempt to use corporate methods of motivation to help stop rising crime.

Officers in Lodz will get 200 zlotys, about 32, for every criminal they catch, rising to 700 zlotys, 112, in "cases of major crime".

Lodz police chief Aldona Kostrzewova said she came up with the idea after checking police records and finding at least 90 crimes recorded per day but only an average of six criminals caught.

She said: "The scheme is just like any other motivational programme in a normal company."

Officers have praised the scheme - and claim it has brought overnight success.

One officer told Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborca: "When I first heard about this I thought I was dreaming. Nothing like this had ever been possible before.

"One of my colleagues went straight out and caught three people robbing an old granny. A few days later he was called into the finance department and given his money."

Police chiefs have said the number of arrests had jumped threefold since the scheme was introduced.